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The Best Hearing Aids for 2022 - Hearing Direct


  • Most high tech hearing aid: Phonak Marvel 90
  • Most stylish & feature packed hearing aid: Signia Active
  • The best in-ear hearing aid: Signia Silk 5Nx
  • The best hearing aid for severe hearing loss: Phonak Paradise P90

Our Audiologists picks for the best hearing aids

Phonak Paradise P90

The Phonak Audéo Paradise P90 is a revolutionary new hearing aid that features state-of-the-art technology and delivers an unparalleled experience for users. With its all-new hardware and features, this product has been designed for maximum performance in both hearing health as well as aesthetic appeal.

The P90 is a top-of-the line Audeo Paradise model. The sound processor, AutoSense 4.0 operates in 7 different listening modes which switch automatically depending on your listening environment. This hearing aid has an exclusive feature that not only reduces background noise, but also enhances speech in quiet situations so you can hear what is being said better. The 'Speech Enhancer' algorithm works best when the volume of sounds around us are low or non-existent - it will pick up soft conversations and amplify them for those who have difficulty comprehending speech.

Price: £1450 each or £2695 per pair

Phonak Marvel 90

The Phonak Marvel M90 is at the top of Phonak's Marvel portfolio. It offers a more premium price point, and comes with all sorts of bells and whistles to make your listening experience as enjoyable as possible! The 'AutoSense 3.0' system in Audeo Marvel is what enables it to pick up on sound types with such accuracy, automatically switching between 7 different listening settings based on the type of sound that is being picked up. The receiver-in canal design of the Phonak Audeo Marvel allows for a number of advantages including reduced feedback and whistling, due to the speaker component being positioned within the ear canal itself. 

Price: £1250 each or £2350 per pair

Signia Active

The Signia Active is a sleek, stylish alternative to traditional hearing aids. They disguise themselves as any other earbuds and won't be mistaken for something that could help you hear better! With the Signia Active, you get everything that's great about premium consumer audio and more. It has an ergonomic design with high-quality audiological tech built right in. The environmentally friendly Signia Active charger will keep you going for 24 hours with a single charge. The case can also recharge whilst on the move, making this product perfect if you’re a frequent traveler. The Signia Active has been designed to incorporate the "Made for iPhone" feature, which means it can stream audio directly from your phone. This makes for a hands-free listening solution with tailored amplification that can be customized to suit your exact needs.

Price: £599 each or £999 per pair


Signia Silk 5Nx

The Signia Silk 5NX is built into an extremely small in-the-ear casing, making for an extremely snug and discreet fit. The soft sleeve which fits over the end of your Silk NX comes in different sizes to further improve each individual fitting. There are 32 sound processing channels, which helps to provide better fine tuning and flexibility in matching hearing test results. By having this amount of channels, the speech enhancement and noise reduction algorithms are able to work more accurately, resulting in a high quality listening experience. The Silk 5NX is equipped with five levels of noise reduction, as opposed to three on its predecessor. The additional ‘sound smoothing’ feature has also been given two further levels.

Price: £498 each or £898 per pair

How to choose the right hearing aid for you

When it comes to choosing the best hearing aid for you, we understand that it can be a confusing and difficult process. There are a few things that should be considered. First and foremost: consult with an audiologist about your level of loss before purchasing anything. From there, they can help you find the hearing aid model that’s right for your situation and make sure it's a perfect fit.

For a hearing aid to be effective, it needs the right kind of acoustic and physical fit. Acoustic fit is determined by how well the hearing aid has been programmed to meet your specific hearing needs, whereas physical fit has more to do with whether or not it fits comfortably and securely within your ears for both comfortability as well durability. 

Commonly asked questions

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids are a type of assistive listening device. They make sounds louder for people who have trouble hearing. Most hearing aids use a microphone to pick up sound and a speaker inside the hearing aid puts this sound in your ear. The microphone is situated outside your ear, near one end of the hearing aid, whereas the speaker sits inside your ear canal, near the middle or end of the hearing aid.

What severity of hearing loss requires a hearing aid?

People who have mild, moderate or severe hearing loss are suitable for wearing hearing aids but people with a profound level of hearing loss will benefit from ‘power hearing aids’, bone-anchored hearing systems and cochlear implants.

How can I clean my hearing aid?

Wiping your hearing aid with a damp cloth is the best way to keep it clean and rid yourself of any larger debris. If there are times when you notice more drainage from an ear canal, use a small brush tool that can easily reach into narrow gaps where problems may arise. We also supply a large variety of cleaning kits and accessories to keep your device in the best condition.

How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids typically last three to five years, but some people will use their hearing aid longer. Manufacturers often stop producing legacy parts required for repairs after seven years of usage which is why it's important that you get a new one when the time comes!

Test your Hearing

If you are concerned about your hearing, take our online hearing test. The test is free, simple, and results will indicate if you should take action to prevent further damage to your hearing.

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