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Mobile Phones For The Hard of Hearing

Mobile phones for the hard of hearing make communicating with family and friends a whole lot easier. In this blog post, we highlight the benefits of amplified mobiles for people with hearing loss and explore some of the most popular models available on our web store.

Mobile Technology is Inclusive

With changing technology around us, we tend to take it for granted and rarely think of its vast usefulness and applications for different situations. People who are hard of hearing are not limited to these developments in technology and fortunately, they have access to an array of assistive devices that can help them with their hearing impairment and communication needs. Modern mobile phones now allow users to be flexible and have all their needs met in one device.

Mobile phones are now available for the hard of hearing with different levels of hearing loss. These mobile phones can be used for calls, emergency contacts, and texting and video conferencing. They make it possible for the hard of hearing to enjoy immediate communication and give them the independence to have a real-time conversation and exchange information. The latest smartphones offering a whole host of additional functions beyond that of making and receiving calls are now commonplace. However, they still broadly offer the same thing: they allow us to communicate in various ways, quickly and efficiently wherever we are.


What are the benefits of an amplified mobile phone?

The way in which an amplified mobile phone can benefit someone who is hearing impaired or hard-of-hearing depends to what degree they are affected by their impairment. Some people with mild hearing impairments may be able to hear you during phone conversations without amplification while others may require amplification up to 30 decibels (dB) for full effect.

An amplified mobile phone increases the volume of the person's voice without increasing background noise. Instead of having to yell louder, people with mild to moderate hearing loss can use an amplified phone at a normal tone of voice. Unlike standard phones that are limited in their flexibility for users with hearing differences, an amplified mobile offers several levels of amplification that can be used based on the user's needs. Amplified mobiles also typically have larger buttons and are easier for those who have problems seeing small buttons or text on a screen to navigate between menus and keypads as they audibly announce where you are as you move between options/menus/pages etc.

Which Mobile Phones are Available for the hard of hearing?

Depending on your level of hearing loss, one mobile phone designed for hearing loss may be more apt than others. Typically, modern mobile phones provide a range of alerting devices including loud ringers, powerful vibrations, and flashing lights. Many contemporary models are specifically designed to be used mainly for texting and are adapted for people with hearing difficulty.

The most widespread type of mobile phone for the hard of hearing is the textphone. The textphone has a display screen and a keyboard. While with a regular phone, the users speak into the microphone, with the textphone they can type their messages and read them on the screen. You can use the text options to send an SMS, have a text conversation or for instant messaging.

Amplified Mobile Phones From Hearing Direct 

At Hearing Direct, we supply a variety of amplified mobile phones and smartphones for the hard of hearing. They are also of great use to the elderly or anyone seeking an easy to use mobile. Our web store is home to a leading selection of amplified mobiles including models from reliable and trusted brands such as:

Doro Geemarc Emporia

In addition, you can also find lots of valuable and informative resources on our blog.

Have You Heard Of Relay UK?

Texting between parties is one option for communication. With the help of Relay UK, a relay operator translates between text and voice and facilitates the dialogue, either by reading the texts or by typing the voice messages for the deaf person. Their free app can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, you can use the textphone service by dialing 18001 or 18002 if you have a videophone.

When Did You Last Check Your Hearing?

If you have not checked your hearing recently, you can do so now with our free online hearing check. Our check only takes a few minutes and you will receive your results instantly.

Should you have any concerns, we strongly advise you consult with a medical professional for a clinical assessment. They will be able to diagnose and suggest appropriate management methods should hearing loss be present.

About Hearing Direct

We are one of the world's leading hearing aid specialists. Hearing Direct offers a wide range of affordable products, as well as information resources to help improve the quality of life for the hard of hearing. We sell:

Batteries Accessories Earplugs

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