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Better hearing is as easy as 1-2-3!

If you’re intending to pay with your PayPal account, when you get to the ‘Pay by PayPal’ stage of the checkout, instead of choosing to ‘Pay Now’, why not opt for their ‘Pay in 3’ option? With a ‘Pay in 3’ interest-free loan, the total cost of your purchase will simply be divided in to three monthly payments and three easy steps…

Step 1

Pay the first instalment when you click to place your order, and whatever you’ve ordered is yours – we’ll send it to you immediately.

Step 2

On the same date the next month, make your second payment.

Step 3

On the same date the next month, make your third and final payment, and the transaction is all completed! And by that time, you’ll already had the benefit of two months’ improved hearing, without paying any interest!

Find out more directly from PayPal

PayPal ‘Pay in 3’ is a really smart way to spread the cost of your hearing aids without paying interest, but remember… because it’s an interest-free loan, ‘Pay in 3’ is still a form of credit and there would naturally be fees if you’re late making your payments. So make sure that ‘Pay in 3’ is right for you by reading all the advice and Terms & Conditions on the PayPal website first.

·  Pay in 3 available on purchases £45 - £2,000

·  Purchases covered by Buyer Protection security. Please visit the PayPal website for further details.

·  PayPal Pay in 3 may not be offered to customers if their checks suggest an increased risk of fraud or where their data suggests you may not be eligible.

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