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Streamline your hearing aid purchase with the step-by-step guide

We provide expert advice and a wide range of cutting-edge hearing solutions, all conveniently available online.

From hearing aids to accessories, phones, and products for those with hearing difficulties, we ensure nothing comes between you and great hearing.

Choose the right hearing aid for you!

Choose the right hearing aid for you!

If it's your first time, schedule a video/telephone consultation with our UK-based Audiologists. Send your hearing test results/audiogram to beforehand for personalised advice.

During the consultation, we'll review your medical history, discuss your test results, and understand your concerns and lifestyle. Feel free to involve your family. Your Audiologist will then recommend suitable hearing aids based on your needs and budget, with no obligation to purchase.

Already familiar with hearing aids? Schedule a consultation or confidently shop online. Add your chosen hearing aid to your cart, send your audiogram to, and we'll program your aids before dispatch.

All purchases come with Audiologist support through HD Care to ensure best possible hearing.

Step 1

Once you have placed your order and sent your audiogram to our Audiologists will program the hearing aids to your needs and send them via courier to the address provided when you placed the order.

The delivery time for all hearing aids is 7-10 working days.

Step 2

A courtesy video/telephone call from our Audiologists shall be arranged for 48 hours after you have taken delivery of the order to complete any initial fine tuning to the hearing aids programming through a smartphone app and provide you with any other support around the fitting and maintenance of the products.

Details of the manufacturer appropriate app shall be provided with the order.

Step 3

Further follow up video/telephone calls shall be arranged at an agreed timescale between you and your Audiologist to ensure you feel confident with your purchase. In addition, all hearing aid purchases include HD Care to help you achieve best possible hearing; you can learn more about HD Care here.

Step 4

It's natural to experience an adjustment phase when using a new hearing aid. It may take a while to adapt to the enhanced sounds. Should you require any further adjustments or have any queries, please reach out to us – our UK based team is dedicated to supporting you.

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