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Phonak Audeo Paradise P90

Original price £1,450.00 - Original price £2,695.00
Original price
£1,450.00 - £2,695.00
Current price £1,495.00
Which Ear: Left
Choose colour & power option: Rechargeable Silver Gray

In order for these to be dispensed, we will require a hearing test that has been completed within the last three months.

A telephone consultation will then be booked with one of our friendly inhouse  hearing aid audiologists who will check that the hearing aid is suitable for your prescription and offer you the best solution.

If you wish to talk to us prior to purchasing, then please book a short telephone consultation here:

Thanks to its high technology features, the Audeo Paradise P90 hearing aid delivers an unrivalled hearing experience.

The Phonak Paradise P90 hearing aid constantly monitors sounds coming your way and will automatically switch between 7 different listening environments to give you the best hearing experience. This will enable you to hear the sounds around you in a crystal clear sound. The Motion Sensor feature will, based on your movements, direct the microphones towards the incoming sounds. As the hearing aid knows if you are moving or not, it will focus in the direction of the speech or the noise. That gives a natural listening experience while you are moving. The Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 can also be paired with the Phonak TV Connector to stream and listen to the TV directly through your hearing aids within  range of 15 meters.  It can also be paired with the Phonak PartnerMic ( operates as handy remote microphone, sending sound from the person wearing it directly to your Phonak hearing aids, all withing a 25 meters range).  The Phonak Paradise P90 is also compatible with myPhonak App.     

Audiologist Support:

You may already have a hearing test audiogram, or you may need some support to understand the extent of your hearing loss, or which hearing aid to choose. Whatever your situation, talk to us about how we can help and book a free consultation with one of our audiologists through this link:  audiology consultation  

Remote Adjustments:

This hearing aid comes with access to the free myPhonak App, meaning the audiologist can remotely make adjustments where needed, all from the comfort of your home. You can also update the aids yourself, using myPhonak App on your Smartphone, where you can adjust not only the volume but also the listening programme. And if you can’t use the App, the Phonak remote control is also available to purchase to adjust the volume and help you change between programmes.

The Bluetooth Tap Control makes it possible for you to accept/end calls from connected smartphones or pause/resume streaming from any connected Bluetooth devices. And thanks to the Speech Enhancer feature, you will be able to hear and understand soft speech. The WindBlock and EchoBlock features will always give you the clearest sound. A tinnitus setting is also available should you require it. Each hearing aid is colour coded: blue for your left ear and red for your right ear in order for you to easily see what aid is for which ear.

N.B. These aids require programming and configuration, so delivery can take up to 10 days.


Key Features


Each hearing aid under the Paradise platform is packed with cutting-edge Phonak technologies. The brand new 'PRISM' chip powers an updated 'AutoSense OS™ 4.0' system. In the P90, the hearing aid constantly monitors incoming sound and will switch between seven settings depending on the type of sound environment! AutoSense OS 4.0 also has two automatic settings when you're listening to streamed audio. It will optimise sound quality for streamed speech or streamed music automatically. 

If you have sent us your audiogram in advance, the Phonak Audeo Paradise will be programmed to match your audiogram. 

If you dont have an audiogram and have not discussed your requirements with us, our default setting, which caters for a mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss will be used to create the start up profile.

A music programme will be added as a programme choice - in the second programme position. 

The Phonak Audeo Paradise can be used as a stand-alone hearing aid; but a host of different connections should you wish to embrace enhanced technologies and accessory products. 


Bluetooth connection is available as standard, use your Audeo Paradise hearing aids as headphones for audio from any Bluetooth compatible mobile phone or tablet.  Up to 8 bluetooth devices can be paired with a Paradise hearing aid ready to use, and when in use 2 bluetooth devices can be on the go together. 

Many users make use of the free to download smartphone App - myPhonak - for Android or iOS devices.   

The myPhonak app allows for control of volume, programmes, some frequency levels and speech focus. Remote fine tuning can also be arranged via the app. 

Phonak PartnerMic - Attach to your speaking partner and get their speech streamed directly to your hearing aid. Perfect for further enhancing one-to-one conversations in noisy environments.

TV Connector - connect to your TV and stream the sound directly to your hearing aids within a 15 metre range

Phonak Roger iN devices: The gold standard in providing additional hearing support in challenging listening environments. The Roger iN microphones transmit sound input directly to the Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids. The required Roger receivers are built into the iN device. 

Phonak Roger Select iN

Phonak Roger On iN 

Phonak TableMic II iN

Looks and size

The Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 is available in two colours - silver gray or champagne; and you have a choice to power via a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery or by disposable size 312 hearing aid batteries

The rechargeable P90-R is very slightly wider at its base compared to the 312 battery version, but all other aspects are the same.  

P-Rechargeable = 26mm height x 10mm depth x 8mm spine (1.02" x 0.39" x 0.3")

The Phonak Audeo Paradise is a RIC (receiver-in-canal) style of hearing aid. The speaker component (called the receiver) is positioned in the ear canal itself, at the end of a very thin wire which connects it to the rest of the hearing aid behind the ear. There are a number of advantages to this design - one of which is a reduced risk of acoustic feedback or whistling.

A grey coloured soft silicone dome is attached to the end of the wire. The domes are available in a number of different styles and sizes. As standard, a medium 'open' dome is sent with the Audeo Paradise; but other domes sizes are also included in the starter kit.

The receiver/speaker wires are available in 4 different lengths - we send a medium (size 2) wire as standard. If you have worn behind the ear hearing aids with tubings or wires that are marked as size 3 or 4, you may need a slightly longer length wire. Do contact us if this is the case and we will adjust the set up of your order.   

In the box

We will send everything you need to try out your Audeo Paradise hearing aid/s, neatly packaged in a smart travel case.

Phonak 4.0 open medium dome - this will be attached to the hearing aid as standard

Phonak 4.0 open small dome (sample, one per aid)  

Phonak 4.0 power medium dome (sample, one per aid)

Phonak 4.0 vented medium dome (sample, one per aid)

Phonak Cerushield spare wax guard pack

Phonak Mini Charger if you have ordered the P90 rechargeable version - one charger per pair 

312 hearing aid batteries - a pack of 6 batteries per aid, if you have ordered the 312 battery operated version

Phonak Audeo Paradise Rechargeable User guide or Phonak Audeo Paradise 312 User guide 

And a 2 years FREE manufacturer warranty!


If you wish to make use of the myPhonak app, you may wish to check out compatibility with your smartphone and connection instructions in advance of ordering: click here

How to buy

Not sure about buying a hearing aid online? We keep the process straight-forward, and here's what happens:

Select which ear you wish to wear the hearing aid on (left / right / both); the colour and how to want the aid to be powered - and add to basket. Check-out and purchase with Visa / Mastercard or PayPal (where there is a 'Pay-in-3' option for an interest-free 3 month split payment plan)

Your order will be posted directly to you via Royal Mail for a 30 day home trial. Everything you need to try the aid for this period is included.

Many customers have a copy of their audiogram (hearing test result on a graph) from an NHS appointment or from one of the high street stores and will email us a copy before ordering -

If the hearing aid is appropriate for the hearing loss, we use the audiogram results to program the initial settings of the hearing aid.  

Dont worry if an audiogram is not available; you can begin with our standard setting – geared to suit a mild to moderate, mainly high frequency hearing loss. This is the type of hearing loss we commonly see in those with age-related or noise-induced hearing losses.  

Another option is to complete the online hearing check, which, if completed as instructed, gives a reasonable estimate of someone’s middle and high frequency hearing:

If you wish for your online hearing check result to be used with your order you will need to let us know before or just after your order is placed.

Please talk to us if you need anything else regarding the set up further customised. We are real people, and would love to help provide the best possible starting point for you.

Once you've received the hearing aid it's a case of trying out the physical fit and the sound. If you need any adjustments, these can be done remotely if you've downloaded the MyPhonak App – or we can reprogramme in house if the aid is posted back. Email or call us and we will help immediately or set up a time to discuss your requirements in more detail. If you choose to send the hearing aid back to us in the post for reprogramming we will extend your 30 day trial by a week to account for postage times. 

If the sound or physical fit of the product is not to your satisfaction, our 30 day money back guarantee is a no quibble policy.



5 Year Hearing Aid Warranty

The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects in the hearing aid itself. Upon inspection Hearing Direct will either repair or exchange the hearing aid with a new or refurbished like for like unit at their sole discretion.

Warranty Limitation

This warranty does not cover damage from improper handling or care, exposure to chemicals or undue stress. Damage caused by third parties or non-authorized service centre’s renders the warranty null and void. Please note that receiver wires are not covered under the 2-year manufacturer warranty as these are considered an accessory item that can be replaced.

Out of Warranty Hearing Aid Repair

If your hearing aid is out of warranty Hearing Direct will inspect the device and either repair or replace it with a fully refurbished device for £250.00 Out of warranty repairs are guaranteed for a period of 6 months. (Please note this will only cover mechanical failure of the device for up to 4 years from the original purchase date)

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Is the Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 right for you?

Pros Cons
  • RIC design - product remains discreet without compromising power or features
  • Direct streaming to multiple bluetooth devices
  • Programmable to an audiogram
  • Free remote fine tuning for the life of the product (via the myPhonak app)
  • 5 years FREE manufacturer warranty!
  • 30 day money back return if not suitable
  • Reasonable dexterity required to replace dome and wax filter
  • Wearing thick-framed spectacles alongside can take some getting used to


Should I get one or two?

If an evaluation by a hearing professional indicates that you have hearing loss in both ears, and especially where the degree of loss is similar, two hearing aids are usually recommended.  While it may be tempting to try to limit the cost by going with a single hearing aid, wearing just one hearing aid may not give you maximum benefit in some difficult listening situations. In the Phonak Audeo Paradise, some of the technologies have been developed precisely with two ears in mind.

How do I control the Phonak Audeo Paradise?

The multi-function button on the spine of the hearing aid will be set to allow volume changes, programme changes; as well as for accepting and ending phone calls. 

The myPhonak 4.0 app can also be used to control the hearing aid's settings. The myPhonak App can be downloaded to both Android and Apple based mobiles. You may wish to check your mobile's compatibilty here

If you order the rechargeable P90; Tap control will be activated. Tap control allows control over some aspects of the hearing aid via light taps to the top of the ear wearing the aid. Taps can be assigned in the MyPhonak 4.0 app. For example Tap control allows you to pause or resume streaming and accept/end phone calls.

The Phonak RemoteControl is available as an optional extra for those requring a more basic remote control. 

How do I connect to the MyPhonak App?

Please follow this link for all the Phonak App connection information.

Tell me more about the rechargeable version - how long does the rechargeable battery last?

The rechargeable battery has an estimated life-span of 6 years. 

Using the mini-charger is straight-forward. It's powered via USB cable. 

The hearing aids are switched on automatically when removed from the charger and turn off when placed back in the charging case.

A full charge takes 3 hours, but the hearing aids will be up to 80% charged after 1.5 hours. 

A full charge will provide a day's full use of the hearing aid and streaming. 

What wax protection system is used?

The Phonak Audeo Paradise receiver wires have a Cerushield wax guard on the end. This will need to be checked regularly (the dome needs to be removed to do this). If the Cerushield is blocked it must be replaced:

How do I replace the dome?

Yes, the dome will need to be replaced approximately every 3-4 months. This is a straight-forward procedure. The video shows the Audeo Marvel, but the exact same parts are used on the Audeo Paradise: 

How do I change a receiver wire?

Changing the receiver wire is not required as part of regular maintenance, but you may have a need to remove and replace the wire - particularly if you have requested a longer or shorter wire from us. The video shows the Audeo Marvel, but the exact same parts are used on the Audeo Paradise:

How do I add a retention anchor to a receiver wire?

A retention anchor is not included as standard, but if you find that the length of the receiver wire is comfortable, but the wire tends to move out of the ear canal, we usually suggest adding a retention anchor or lock to the receiver wire: