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Bernafon Zerena 9

Our price
Our price includes
  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
    if not completely satisfied
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0800 015 2566

Key Features

  • Gold Level DECS™
  • Dynamic Noise Management
  • Dynamic Speech Processing
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport
  • 2.4 GHZ Wireless Technology


Superior receiver-in-canal hearing aid from Bernafon

As the premium model of a three-tier range, the Zerena 9 is the latest generation of hearing aid from Bernafon that offers cutting edge technology and superior sound quality for minimal effort. If you lead an active lifestyle where you find yourself exposed to a wide range of listening environments, then this hearing aid could provide the answer to your auditory needs. One of the key developments to the Zerena range is the Dynamic Environment Control System™, otherwise known as the DECS™. This enables the hearing aid to seamlessly adapt to your listening environment without the need to manually control the settings.

Our price includes:
✔ A comprehensive hearing test and examination by a registered hearing aid dispenser
✔ The fitting and programming of your hearing aid(s)
✔ Fine tuning and after care for the life of your hearing aid(s)
✔ A Manufacturers Warranty
✔ 60 day full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied
✔ VAT inclusive

Why is the Bernafon Zerena 9 a contender?

Designed for those with a mild to profound hearing loss, the Zerena 9 is built with an incredibly quick and powerful processing chip that allows the new DECS™ technology to operate at immense speed. Switching from one listening environment to another is seamless, making hearing in the most challenging listening environments, effortless. It will automatically adjust to you having lunch in a busy restaurant, taking a walk on a windy coastal path or snatching a quiet moment with a good book. You can relax, knowing you’ll receive the best possible sound regardless of the sonic landscape.

Key Features:

  • Gold Level DECS™ - the most advanced version of this brand new environmental control system with four components that interact to form the best possible sound.
  • Continuous Environment Detection - constantly analyses the listening environment and adjusts accordingly.
  • Dynamic Noise Management - creates the best possible speech to noise ratio by detecting and removing background noise and enhancing speech sound.
  • Dynamic Amplification Control - offers six ‘Speech in Noise’ settings and four ‘Comfort in Noise’ options for optimum speech amplification and reduction in background noise.
  • Dynamic Speech Processing - automatically adjusts the signal and speech amplification levels to fit with your personal hearing requirements. Channel Free and Speech Cue Priority are two additional features that help to enhance and process natural speech sound.
  • Dynamic Range Extender - enables you to hear loud noise, distortion free with a capacity to process up to 113dB of sound. A Live Music Program will also help you appreciate your favourite band in concert.
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller - detects and eliminates unwanted feedback before you hear it.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport - offers four different settings to help distract the brain from the symptoms of tinnitus: Ocean Sounds, Audiogram Sounds, Broadband Sound, Modulation Sounds. All four settings come with Automatic Level Steering that controls the volume in response to any outside noise. You can adjust these settings manually if you prefer.
  • Frequency Composition Technology - reduces higher, more challenging sounds to a lower, more audible frequency that can be easily amplified.
  • 2.4 GHZ Wireless Technology - permits your hearing aids to link up to other listening related devices.
  • Adaption Manager - enables you to slowly get used to your new hearing aids by gradually adjusting to personal preference.
  • Binaural Noise Manager - means any noise reduction can be adjusted in either or both ears, depending upon your requirements. For instance, speech can be amplified in one ear and noise reduced in the other.
  • Low Frequency Enhancer - ensures even the very lowest frequencies generated from a TV or mobile phone are not lost, producing better speech recognition.
  • Three Transition Levels - enable you to tailor how quickly your hearing aids will react to noise reduction or directionality.
  • Near Field Magnetic Induction - means your hearing aids can communicate with each other seamlessly without using up all your battery power.
  • Four Transition Noise Reduction Settings - help to suppress unexpected loud noise for a more comfortable listening experience.
  • True Directionality - enables you to recognise where sound is coming from without blocking all environmental sound from around you.
  • Wind Noise Manager - recognises and eradicates wind noise so you can enjoy your stroll regardless of the weather.
  • 10 kHz Frequency Bandwidth - enables your hearing aid to detect and reproduce both the high and low frequency sounds that are often the hardest to capture.
  • 16 Fitting Bands - helps to repel water and protect your hearing aid for a longer life.
  • MiniFIT System - is available, including a variety of dome and tube options for a comfortable fit.


  • EasyControl-A - a smartphone app that enables you to discreetly control your hearing aids. You can alter volume levels, change program settings or check your battery levels with ease. You can even stream sound from other Internet based devices or use the ‘Find My Hearing Aid’ function, if you misplace it by accident.
  • RC-A - is a remote control that enables you to alter your hearing aid settings, without a smartphone.
  • TV-A - means you can stream sound directly from your TV to your hearing aids for the best, uninterrupted sound at a volume level that works for you.

Styles Available:

  • MiniRITE - a classic open, receiver-in-canal (RIC) design.
  • MiniRITE T - an open RIC design with volume control and telecoil facility.
  • BTE 105 - a standard behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid with push button controls.

To summarise: Ranked number one in the Bernafon range, with a Gold level of DECS™ technology, the Zerena 9 is a powerful, intuitive hearing aid that aims to make listening an enjoyable and effortless experience. If you like the idea of the Zerena range, but are restricted by budget or have a less active lifestyle, you may wish to consider the mid-range Zerena 7 or the entry level Zerena 5.

For more information, call us now on
0800 015 2566