ReSound Surefit2C LP receiver

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Choose left / right and the size (length) between 0 and 4. The length of the receiver wire is usually printed as a small number on the metal casing of the receiver itself. Our photos show the right (red) 2LP example, which is size 2, low power.

Unopened packs may be returned for exchange or refund if you have ordered the incorrect size or power level. This item is not refundable or exchangeable if opened/unsealed.

This is the latest low power version of ReSound Surefit receivers. The Surefit2C wires have a single-rung on the end as opposed to the two silver rungs on the previous version. (Reminder info here)

IMPORTANT: ReSound advise that they must be used with SureFit3 domes, which are a lighter grey colour than the Surefit2 domes. You'll find the links to the Surefit3 domes below.  

Surefit2C receivers are compatible with ReSound ENYA, LiNX², Linx3D and LiNX Quattro receiver-in-canal hearing aids. Surefit2C receiver tubes are also manufactured as HP (High Power) and MP (Medium Power) designs. Please ensure you are ordering the correct power level.

ReSound Surefit3 domes are available in the same styles as the original Surefit2 domes, just a lighter grey, and suited for insertion onto the single rung on the wire. 

ReSound Surefit3 Open domes 

ReSound Surefit3 Closed Domes

ReSound Surefit3 Double Domes

ReSound Surefit3 Tulip domes


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