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Hearing Aids Myths

Let’s bust a few myths. If there’s one thing we know better than most, it’s how important it is to hear a message loud and clear. Which is why it’s so heart-breaking to see the same myths about hearing aids come up again and again.

Because these mixed-up myths stop people from reclaiming their hearing and getting the most out of life. So we thought it was about time we squashed a few of these and helped get you one step closer to a decision you’ll wish you’d made sooner.

Myth: Impressive tech has a price tag to match

Because our hearing aids make such an enormous difference to your quality of life, people assume they’ll break the bank.

Thankfully, the best hearing technology has never been cheaper and, direct to you from Hearing Direct, you’ll pay much less than the high street. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our range here. Your wallet, and your ears, will thank you.

Myth: Hearing aids are bulky and uncomfortable

Everyone remembers the first hearing aids they saw. Big, cumbersome devices that you could see from space.

Times have changed significantly. Now, whether it’s an almost-invisible in-ear hearing aid, or a super light behind-the ear model, you’ll be too busy enjoying life to remember that you’re wearing it.

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Myth: You’ll look old

It’s amazing how many people will miss out on conversations or ask people to repeat themselves for fear of ‘looking old’.

Fortunately, more and more customers are getting the right diagnosis younger, meaning they improve their quality of life years earlier. And, with a discreet hearing aid, the only thing people will notice is your quick responses.

Myth: Your hearing loss doesn’t deserve help

Whether it’s habit, pride, or just never having the time to properly think about it, too many people suffer through mild hearing impairments.

After all, if you can just about cope, surely you don’t need any assistance? After trying a hearing aid, you’ll realise that there’s more to life than simply coping. And you’ll be ready to enjoy it all


These are just the most common clichés we bump into, but they can cause a great deal of anxiety — and it’s entirely avoidable. If you’ve got questions about anything else you’ve heard second hand, contact one of our experts and we’ll be happy to give you some straightforward answers.


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Author: Bev Carter RHAD, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hearing Direct

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