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Accessories to help in the home this Christmas

At Hearing Direct, we’re your one-stop shop for better hearing. 

From wax guards, domes and tubes to amplified phones, smart watches and assistive listening devices, if it makes your life easier, you’ll find it here.

So what better gift to get your loved ones this Christmas than the gift of hearing?

Here are some of our top product picks for this holiday season:

Doro 2404 Clamshell Mobile Phone

Why worry about accidental dialling and apps when you can get the Doro 2404? This user-friendly clamshell phone has all the essential mobile phone features, including adjustable font sizes, an emergency assistance response, and seven volume settings to suit your hearing needs.

Doro PhoneEasy 100 Amplified Cordless Duo Telephone

Know someone looking for more volume and clarity from their house phone? Then they’re sure to enjoy the 30dB extra loud volume, backlit display, and modern stylish design of this twin set of easy-to-use amplified cordless phones from Doro.

Geemarc CL7400 OPTI Wireless TV Listener

Watch TV at your own volume with this wonderfully comfortable wireless headset from Geemarc. Simply plug the CL7400 OPTI into your TV, make sure the headset is charged, and enjoy up to eight hours of clear, adjustable audio, broadcast directly to your ears. 

No more missed dialogue. No more worrying about the neighbours. It’s a win-win.

Geemarc LH10 Hearing Assistant

Help someone important to you experience more this new year with the LH10 Hearing Assistant. This amplified listening device is an affordable alternative to using hearing aids. And with an adjustable receiver volume of up to 30dB and tone control of +/-10dB, it’s perfect for capturing speech in large public spaces such as concert halls and theatres.

Geemarc Wake N Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock

Can you think of that special someone who needs that extra kick in the morning to wake up? Get them the Wake N Shake Dynamite from Geemarc. With extra loud ringers, vibration and flashing lights, it’s the perfect high-quality alarm clock to wake even the deepest sleeper. 

Geemarc CLA2 Vibrating Pad Black

Worried about missing those all-important phone calls? This powerful vibrating pad can be put under a pillow, and connects to a number of Geemarc phones and alerting devices – like our Wake N Shake alarm clock – to give you that extra bit of security.

CPR Guardian 3 - Medical Alert Watch

Give you and your loved ones peace of mind with this discreet elderly alarm bracelet. Its emergency alert system sends its built-in GPS location, heart rate monitor, and temperature and pedometer data to an innovative mobile app – keeping the wearer safe, active and independent, while friends and family can keep in touch and feel reassured. 

Or for something extra special… Why not take a look at our hearing aids?

Signia Motion 13 1Nx Digital Hearing Aid

Here’s a great gift at a great price: the Signia Motion 13 1Nx Digital Hearing Aid is a discreet, comfortable fitting and easy-to-use hearing aid with exceptional battery life. Previously £449, you can now buy a single for a reduced price of £299 – or a complete pair for £550. 

Ready to start ticking off your Christmas shopping list? 

Shop Now at Hearing Direct – our accessories range starts from just £0.49.

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