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5 Reasons to Use a Storage Case for your hearing aid

To get the best out of your hearing aids and to make them last for the longest possible time they should be stored properly. No matter the brand, style or how much you have paid for your aid, all hearing aids are at risk from various types of damage, which can easily occur if they're improperly stored.

5 Reasons to Use a Storage Case:

  1. Dirt: Whether in use or not hearing aids get dirty and dirt breeds germs. A good quality storage case will neutralise bacteria as part of its storage.
  2. Moisture: The steady build up of moisture and earwax can ultimately stop your hearing aids from working correctly. It is therefore important to store your device properly when you are not using it. Hearing aid dehumidifiers help prevent the build-up of moisture thereby protecting the internal components of the aid.
  3. Pets: Some hearing aids can make a high frequency noise when left with their battery in. This is believed to be a reason why some pets, especially cats, have a tendency to play with and chew on hearing aids.
  4. Children: Be sure to keep hearing aids away from young children, as parts can be broken, lost or swallowed.
  5. Extreme Heat or Cold: A protective case will help to avoid exposing your aids to heat or extreme cold.

Hearing Aid Storage Cases

Keep your hearing aids safe and dry with our range of Dehumidifiers, Storage cases and Dry Boxes that are suitable for all types of hearing aid.

  • Phonak 'C&C Line' Drying Beaker & Drying Capsules Kit: Place an opened capsule in the pot and your hearing aids in the insert, then place the insert in the pot and close. The capsule will absorb ay accumulated moisture. (Remove batteries first)
  • Zephyr Dry and Store: This portable hearing aid storage case removes moisture, dries earwax, kills germs and deodorises your hearing aids. It markedly improves hearing aid reliability, reducing the need for repairs and maintaining optimum sound quality.

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