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Waterproof Hearing Aids: What You Need To Know

Waterproof hearing aids are extremely hard to come by, due to the fact that there is currently no device that can be worn in constant contact with water. However, water-resistant models and features are easier to find...

We guide you through the basics of waterproof hearing aids and what to look out for.

Where Can I Find Waterproof Hearing Aids?

Unfortunately, you can't. In 2013, Signia (which used to be part of Siemens) designed the Aquaris as a completely waterproof hearing aid. However, it was discontinued and is no longer available to buy. Despite a total lack of waterproof hearing aids, water-resistant and moisture-resistant devices are available. They are able to combat the likes of rain, sweat, and more humid environments. Therefore, these models are the next-closest thing we can get to actual waterproof hearing aids.

Order Water-Resistant Hearing Aids From Hearing Direct

A more robust device is probably better if you have an active lifestyle, where your aids are frequently at higher risk of moisture. At Hearing Direct, our most popular hearing aid with a water-resistant coating is the P 640S.

P 640S Digital Hearing Aid

The P 640S behind-the-ear hearing aid comes completely nano-coated. This makes it more robust and durable than other models. The nano-coating is what makes the hearing aid water-resistant, as well as offering added protection. As a result, the device would require fewer repairs and is easier to clean. The P 640S depends upon a size 13 hearing aid battery, one of the largest sizes which actually has one of the longest lifespans for today's hearing aid batteries.

You can contact us today to get more information on the water-resistant capabilities of our hearing aids.

How Harmful Is Water Damage To My Hearing Aid?

The answer is very. With any electronic device, water is very much a foe, and this still applies to digital hearing aids. As waterproof hearing aids are not common in today's market, liquid damage is still very much a threat. Many newer models are water and moisture resistant so a little rain or getting a bit sweaty should not cause much harm to your hearing aid. Just don't forget to take them out before you get in the shower! Submerging or swimming with hearing aids is not advised as this could completely ruin the device.

What Happens If My Device Gets Wet?

Not all is lost. As detrimental as water damage can be, should your device come into contact with any moisture, do not panic. Acting quickly could be the difference between your aid functioning as it should or lasting damage. Wet weather conditions can be hard to avoid and accidents are unpreventable. If you do find yourself in a position where moisture is abundant, we recommend the following:

  • That you use a protective cover to help combat moisture.
  • Purchase a second pair of water-resistant hearing aids if you find yourself frequently caught up in high-moisture environments.

Heavy exposure to water such as getting trapped in a downpour, falling into a puddle, or even dropped in a drink can upset your device. If your hearing aid does get thoroughly wet, you should:

  • Consult a hearing aid specialist to check over your device.
  • Remove the battery to allow for the cell to dry out.
  • Invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier to extract moisture.

It is highly advised that in no way should you put hearing aids in the microwave, oven or call upon a hair dryer to help wish away excess moisture.

How To Properly Prevent Moisture Build-Up

Moisture is one of the most common causes of hearing faults. Regardless of style, shape or design, moisture will be a continuous threat to all hearing aids. Sometimes, this can become a little too much at times and our devices may need further care to keep them working at their best. Hearing aid accessories such as dry boxes, storage boxes, and dehumidifiers can prevent water damage.

You can search our website for the essentials you need to maintain and care for your hearing aids.

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Author: Gary Hill

Gary Hill

Gary comes from 16 years’ experience in the hearing aid industry in both manufacturing and retail. Before co-founding HearingDirect, Gary was Marketing Director for a leading global hearing aid brand; GN ReSound where he worked for the UK sales division and latterly in their global headquarters in Copenhagen. He was responsible for developing and launching major global hearing aid models, conducting extensive research into the needs of the hearing impaired community and their performance demands of hearing aids and other devices.

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