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For the best performance of your hearing aid, make sure that the wax filters are always clean and replaced regularly.

Our ears canal produce wax. That’s a natural and normal process. If wax accumulates around your hearing aid  then the quality of the sound you hear will be reduced and the hearing aid might simply stop working.

On average, wax filters will need to be changed every two weeks but depending on how much wax your ears produce and how much you wear your hearing aids, you may have to change the wax guard every week or once a month. You must inspect the wax guard every day and give your hearing aid a daily good brush too. 

How to use the Widex Nanocare wax filters:

1) If your hearing aid has a dome, take the dome off before changing the wax guard

2) Use the end of the stick, on which there is a pin, to remove the used wax guard. Push the pin in the used wax guard and slowly pull it out to release and remove the used wax guard.

3) The new wax guard will already be mounted on the other end of the stick. Use it to place the new wax guard safely into the speaker/receiver of your hearing aid. Gently push to make sure it is fitted correctly.

4) Remove the tool slowly and it should come up without the new wax guard which is now safely inserted. Your hearing aid is ready to be used again.

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