Swissvoice Xtra Ringer 8155

£38.99 £59.99

Never miss a call thanks to the new Swissvoice Xtra Ringer 8155 wireless ringer amplifier which features an extra-loud ringer amplifier of up to 90db and comes with a flashing white LED to ensure you never miss a phone call again.

The Xtra ringer is an exlcusive accessory designed to work with the Swissvoice Xtra 2155 and 3155 DECT telephone.

  • Exta-loud 90db ringer amplifier
  • Flashing white LED for messages
  • 4 Alert modes - melody and flash / flash only/ melody only / all off
  • Choose between 3 melodies and ringer volumes

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Swissvoice is a recognised European brand within the telecommunication industry that specialise in enhancing and simplifying communication solutions for the hard of hearing and the elderly. Products include innovative, high-quality home telephones, mobile phones and accessories.


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