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Signia Drying Cup and Drying Capsule kit

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A combined package of one Signia Drying Cup and pack of 4 drying capsules. 

A hearing aid dehumidifier is highly recommended to help prolong the life of hearing aids. Storing a hearing aid overnight in a dehumidifier container not only keeps it safer than simply placing it on a bedside table, but also ensures any moisture that may have built up in the aid during the day is removed.

Any style hearing aid can be placed in the drying cup. 

The 4 capsules are individually packaged in sealed bags. The drying capsule is a translucent plastic capsule of 30mm in diameter and 12mm in height, which contains crystals of orange silica gel.

The lifecycle of each capsule, once removed from the sealed bag, is about 1 month before it will need replacing. (Capsule will turn white). Further drying capsule replacment packs can be purchased here