Interton Hearing Direct Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10

Interton Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10


A pack of 6, size 10 hearing aid batteries from Interton will ensure you receive value for money, a reliable performance and a lengthy battery life. Interton is a brand that forms part of the wider GN ReSound Group. It has been producing specialist hearing solutions for the last 50 years, distributing products to over 70 countries worldwide.

To keep things simple, the Interton size 10 hearing aid battery pack is colour coded yellow. Before installing, you need to remove the yellow tab and rest the battery for a couple of minutes.

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What is it?

  • Mercury-free, Zinc-Air Size 10 hearing aid batteries
  • 6 cells in each pack
  • Yellow colour coded (colour of the removable tab)

What does it do?

  • Long-running time
  • Consistent performance

Compatible with:

  • All hearing aids using size 10 batteries

About Interton

Interton is part of the GN ReSound group. Founded in Germany in 1962, the company has been producing hearing aids for over 50 years and their products are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide.

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