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Anna's Story

I’d used NHS behind-the-ear hearing aids since 2017 but something wasn’t right.

I was no longer hearing everything my husband and daughters were saying, even when I turned them up – and was getting so fed up with having to ask them to repeat.

 And during the pandemic it was almost impossible to wear them with my glasses and a facemask, obtain replacement tubes after one of the soft ends came off – or, indeed, get a review appointment. I’d always thought private hearing aids would be an expense too far. But my new Signia 3X in-the-ear hearing aids from Hearing Direct were surprisingly affordable – and have been a revelation. I’m a total convert!

Anna's story

 The clarity is so much greater and I can adjust the volume and sound balance using the Signia app on my smartphone – ideal as I have some higher frequency hearing loss.

They’re light years ahead of my old ones.

After setting them up in moments using a scannable QR code, I was ready to explore a new soundscape – and gobsmacked at how much better I could hear.

Six programs on the user-friendly app span noisy environments to simply watching TV or listening to music. I can use a Universal program or opt for one that matches where I am – and change the volume and sound balance by moving a bar. So there’s far more control.

I fine-tuned them for listening to a muffled Zoom talk I was streaming from my mobile to TV – and they made a huge difference.

Now I can hear what’s being said in family conversations and the phone twinning program is very helpful, too.

And when out walking on foot and bridle paths, the birds sound like an amazing symphony – and I can hear bike riders come up behind me in good time to step out of the way.

Plus, there’s no fiddling when wearing glasses or a mask, and they fit so comfortably, snugly – and invisibly - in the ear, I don’t have to worry my hearing aids will fall off and get lost in the woods.

It’s a huge improvement.

- Anna Wembury