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Conversor TV Pro Elite Listening System



The Conversor TV Pro is designed to connect directly to Televisions and deliver a completely personal volume and tone level for the user without affecting volume for others watching. Simply plug the transmitter into the TV (or any other audio source such as a music system, MP3 player or even a PC/tablet) - the transmitter will then connect wirelessly to the Conversor Pro receiver unit which will adjust the volume to your personal requirements. You can then listen to the output though earphones, headphones or through the telecoil programme of your hearing aids. For a fuller demonstration of the significant benefits the Conversor TV Pro has to offer and a video demonstration of how it works, please take the time to watch the video.

Key Features

Always ready

Once connected, the TV Pro can stay in place and will only transmit while the TV is active, switching to standby mode when no signal is received.

Automatic gain control

This feature is great for delivering a balanced sound when watching TV; essentially the amount of volume provided is adjusted according to the level of output - less volume is provided to louder sounds and more to quieter sounds rather than simply increasing the volume of all sounds which does little for dialogue clarity.

Group situations

Because more than one receiver can be connected to a single receiver, everyone watching the TV can benefit from using their own receiver with personalised sound from just the one transmitter connected to the TV.


  • Conversor TV Pro transmitter
  • Conversor Pro pendant receiver
  • Power supply unit/charger
  • Audio cable
  • TV cable
  • User’s manual

Conversor Pro

Customer Reviews

  1. Our Hearing Aid Audiologist's view: Th...

    by Melanie Lewis on 22/07/2014

    Our Hearing Aid Audiologist's view: The Conversor TV Pro is the complete answer to anyone struggling with TV volume and most particularity clarity. Used in combination with a Conversor Pro receiver unit (included), the audio output is collected by a small transmitter connected the the TV and sent wirelessly to the Conversor Pro receiving unit which then applies the personal levels of amplification you determine. Listen through headphones, earphones or your hearing aid telecoil setting. This solution not only helps those watching the TV on their own but also those who would like the TV to remain at a comfortable level for themselves. It also is ideal for group situations when multiple Conversor Pro receivers can be used to receive from just one TV transmitter. If you would like to try one for yourself under our 30 day money back guarantee or would just like to speak to someone who can tell you a little more about it, feel free to call us on 0800 032 1301 - and do remember that this can only be used in conjunction with a Conversor Pro and cannot operate on its own.
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