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Signia Hearing Aid Accessories

Signia Click Receiver Wire Concha Lock

What Is It? Single Concha Lock Attaches to a Signia Click receiver wire/tubing Improves retentio...

Signia Cleaning Wire Pack of 5

What Is It? Flexible Wire with correct diameter to fit Hearing Aid thin tubes 5 Wires in each pa...

Signia miniReceiver Wax Guard

What Is It? Pack of 8 wax guards. What Does It Do? Used to replace wax guard at the end of Sig...

Signia Click Domes - Open

What Is It? Packet of 6 Click open domes, Choose between 4mm, 8mm or 10mm sizes.  What Does It ...

Signia Open Domes

What Is It? A pack of 10 Signia open domes, available in 4 sizes. (4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm diame...
Signia Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Pack of 60Sale

Signia Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Pack of 60

Signia size 312 hearing aid batteries in a pack of 60 come from a world-renown brand, offering lo...

Signia NHS Contrast Thin Tubes Pack of 5

What is it? Pack of 5 Signia Contrast S+ /HP Thin Tubes Choose the side (left or right) and ...

HF4 Pro Wax Guards

Please note: these have now been replaced by the Signia Quickguard   What Is It? Dial of 15 blue...

Signia Life Tube - Single Tube

What is it? Single Signia Life tubing Choose the side (left or right) and the required lengt...

Signia Double Domes

What Is It? Pack of 10 Signia double domes, Choose between 2 sizes. (8/10mm, 10/12mm diameters)....

Signia Life Tubes Pack of 10

Life Tubes For Signia Hearing Aids Signia life tubes are a key element for any of their branded d...
Signia Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 Pack of 60Sale

Signia Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 Pack of 60

Signia size 10 batteries in a pack of 60 mean you can stock up on batteries and not have to worry...
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Signia Hearing Aid Accessories From £1.99

We supply a selection of key hearing aid accessories and parts to complement your Sign hearing aids. Signia hearing aid accessories match the same high-quality as their digital devices. In order to keep your Signia hearing aid in top condition, you may need new parts to maintain, repair or improve your model's fit or performance.

On this product page you can find domes, wax guards, batteries, cleaning products and tubes for your Signia Hearing Aid.

We also dispense our own brand of hearing aid accessories. We stock a vast selection of hearing aid batteries in all the common sizes starting at £1.69.

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