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Mobile Phones For The Elderly

  • Doro 1380 Mobile Phone

    Original price £35.00 - Original price £35.00
    Original price
    £35.00 - £35.00
    Current price £35.00

    The Doro 1380 mobile phone is designed with hearing loss and safety in mind. Also ideal for the elderly, the Doro 1380 offers simplicity so you can...

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  • Doro 2404 Clamshell Mobile Phone

    Original price £42.50 - Original price £42.50
    Original price
    £42.50 - £42.50
    Current price £42.50

    Doro 2404: A Simple & Effective Amplified Mobile This clamshell phone will put an end to accidental dialling. The widely spaced buttons and ex...

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  • Doro 780X 4G mobile phone with 3 memory buttons and GPS

    Original price £149.99 - Original price £149.99
    Original price £149.99
    £155.00 - £155.00
    Current price £155.00

    The Doro 780X 4G mobile phone is an easy to use amplified 4G mobile phone for the Seniors and for people with memory loss and/or dexterity issues....

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  • Doro 8100 Smartphone for Seniors with GPS localisation

    Original price £0.00 - Original price £0.00
    Original price £0.00
    £210.00 - £210.00
    Current price £210.00

    The Doro 8100 Smartphone is the ideal Smartphone for Seniors and was designed with safety in mind. Available in grey, the Doro 8100 offers simplic...

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  • Doro 8200 Mobile Phone

    Original price £270.00 - Original price £270.00
    Original price
    £270.00 - £270.00
    Current price £270.00

    The easy to use smartphone, now with even bigger icons. Great features including ClearSound, Assistance button, TeamViewer and an easy to use inter...

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  • Doro D7000H Cordless Home Phone

    Original price £0.00 - Original price £0.00
    Original price £0.00
    £105.00 - £105.00
    Current price £105.00

    With no fixed landline required, the Doro 7000H Cordless home phone is the perfect choice for those who want to combine the benefits of both a hom...

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Easy To Use Mobile Phones For The Elderly

Mobile phones for the elderly help seniors communicate effortlessly on a daily basis and provide extra levels of independence. Our super selection of mobiles for the elderly includes easy to use features, as well as extra loud ringer and voice volume. The collection of high-quality mobiles we supply starts from £24.99.

As we age, our hearing can naturally deteriorate. The extra loud mobile phones we dispense boast high volume levels for both ringer and volume, without compromising on quality. Ideal for the hard of hearing, amplified mobile phones also focus on usability, ensuring they are suitable for all ages, not just those with hearing loss. Plus, the simple buttons and uncomplicated devices make communicating with loved ones that much easier.

Our sim-free mobile phones offer you the flexibility to choose or keep your preferred mobile operator.

Which Mobile Phone Is Right For The Elderly?

The right mobile phone will ultimately be a subjective decision. However, there are some features that maybe will help you decide the type or make of mobile phone you wish to purchase:

  • Feature Phone - A feature phone is a ‘normal’ mobile phone. It will make calls and send texts but will not offer web browsing or apps. These can be quite simple mobile phones for the elderly if you just want to text or talk.
  • Smart Phone - A smartphone will usually offer a full touch screen, internet access and third-party apps.
  • Flip Phone - A flip phone, sometimes known as a clamshell phone offers a compact size vs newer phones but may have a smaller screen and buttons. The Emporia Flip V221 Clamshell is a good example of a new flip mobile phone that combines size with audio quality.
  • Loud/Amplified Ringer - Our selection of mobile phones for the elderly come with amplification, providing louder ringtones and receiver volume.
  • Large Screen - Large Screens can be useful for older people that may also suffer from decreased visibility.
  • Big/LargeButtons - Large buttons make it easier to get the right number, every time!
  • Speed Dial - speed dial makes it easy to call your favourite numbers with one touch.
  • SOS Button - The SOS function allows you to add in up to five emergency contacts. Pressing the red assistance button will set off a loud alarm and then start dialling your emergency contacts, rotating through the list until someone picks up.
  • Battery Life - Long battery life can be important for occasional mobile phone users.
  • Charging Docks - Once set up, a charging dock can be an easy solution for recharging your ‘phone - keeping it on the side or your desk for easy access.

What Makes Our Mobile Phone Range Perfect For The Elderly?

Mobile communication is essential to modern-day living. Often, without them, we can be cut-off from the happenings of the world and miss out on those crucial updates.Our dedicated range is focused on improving the quality of life for seniors.Whether you seek an easy to use mobile phones for the elderly, or a comprehensive device packed with the must-have features, we've got you covered.

Key Features:

  • Large buttons for simple texting, calling, and menu navigation
  • Clear screens that are easy to read
  • WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity
  • Email communications
  • Camera to capture memories
  • Apps to better personalise your device

A full product description is available on each item page so you can view an extensive specification before buying.

Mobile Phones For The Elderly From Top Brands

At Hearing Direct, you will find SIM-free amplified mobile phones for the elderly from a set of trusted and globally recognised manufacturers.Our collection has been specifically designed to assist the hearing impaired and the ageing community. We stock a range of top models from leading brands including

We also offer a range of compatible SIM cards to meet your mobile requirements.

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Furthermore, should you have any questions, our expert team is on hand to provide the answers you need.