Invisible Hearing Aids

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What are invisible hearing aids?

Invisible hearing aids add a sense of discretion, allowing the wearer to feel more comfortable about needing a hearing device. Our hearing aids are so small and lightweight, you will forget you are wearing one!

Hearing aids have greatly improved over the years and the concerns surrounding wearing a device can be eliminated, thanks to invisible hearing aids. We house a reliable collection of discreet devices designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, from ITE (in the ear) to BTE (behind the ear) aids at Hearing Direct.

What are the benefits of invisible hearing aids?

Comfort: Invisible hearing aids fit deep into the ear canal, reducing any uncomfortable “plugged up” feelings. Discreet: The most common complaint we hear about hearing aids is the perception that they hinder your ability to blend in, or you may feel embarrassed to wear them. With invisible hearing aids, this issue can be overcome as nobody will be able to notice you are wearing an aid unless they get very close. Functionality: Invisible hearing aids allow you to hear conversations clearly, even during situations with a lot of background sound. This is because the devices feature advanced sound processing and noise reduction.

Which Invisible Hearing Aid Is Right For Me?

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