Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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Bluetooth Hearing Aids, what are they?

Bluetooth hearing aids are hearing aids that use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to other devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth technology enables two or more devices to transfer data wirelessly between one another in the form of radio waves. 

The introduction of Bluetooth has been highly beneficial as it enables the user to control the hearing aids with their device, as well as use features like music streaming and phone calls, as seen on the latest devices such as the Signia Active.

Why should you buy a Bluetooth hearing aid?

Connect to multiple devices

One of the largest benefits is that they allow you to connect wirelessly to different devices such as your smartphone or tablet and easily switch between them. This enables you to listen to music, make phone calls, and more without having to worry about getting tangled up in cords.


Another major benefit of using Bluetooth hearing aids is that they can be used with a variety of different earpieces, including custom-made earpieces. You can find the perfect fit that makes your hearing aid comfortable and pretty much invisible. Bluetooth technology offers a personalised listening experience, whereby the streamed signal can be amplified to higher volumes and customised for activities such as listening to music or taking calls, when being used with iOS or Android devices.

Simple to use

Bluetooth hearing aids are designed to be very easy to use. The devices can be controlled with a simple touch of a button on your iPhone or Android phone, and many models come with built-in directional microphones that make it easier to hear conversations even in noisy environments. 

Sound quality

One main advantage is that Bluetooth technology allows you to obtain remarkable sound quality when using your hearing aids with other electronic devices. Bluetooth connectivity caters toward your personal needs and requirements. Bluetooth technology works on one or both hearing aids and settings can be altered for each hearing aid independently, e.g. you may require a louder volume in one ear.

Which Bluetooth Hearing Aid is right for me?

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