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Domes for HD90/HD150/HD250/HD390 - Pack of 5

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Size: Small

Sold as a pack of 5, they fit onto the ear canal portion of the HD90, HD150, HD250 and HD390 hearing aids. 

Also called fitting tips, those domes will provide you with some additional comfort and help to prevent hearing aid feedback. 

We advise you to check and ensure that the fitting tip is firmly pushed onto the hearing aid as firmly as possible before each use. Once removed from your hearing aids, the dome can be cleaned with a wet wipe or in warm soapy water. 

Size Small is 8.5mm diameter and 7mm height

Size Medium is 10mm diameter and 8mm height

Size Large is 11mm diameter and 10mm height

How long a dome will last varies considerably across individuals. 3 to 6 months is the usual guideline. It must be changed if the material becomes brittle or if it tears apart. Some discolouration of the material can be expected due to exposure to ear wax so you may wish to replace it when this happens.

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