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Doro 1360 Mobile Phone-HearingDirect-brand_DoroSale

Doro 1360 Mobile Phone

The Doro 1360 mobile phone is designed with hearing loss and safety in mind. Also ideal for the ...
Doro 2404 Clamshell Mobile Phone-HearingDirect-brand_Doro,type_Amplified mobile phonesSale

Doro 2404 Clamshell Mobile Phone

Doro 2404: A Simple & Effective Amplified Mobile This clamshell phone will put an end to acc...

Doro 6620 Flip Mobile Phone

Doro Phone 6620 The Doro 6620 is a very stylish flip mobile phone which offers a beautiful and cl...
Doro 780X 4G mobile phone with 3 memory buttons and GPS-HearingDirect-brand_DoroSale

Doro 780X 4G mobile phone with 3 memory buttons and GPS

The Doro 780X 4G mobile phone is an easy to use amplified 4G mobile phone for the Seniors and fo...

Doro 8080 Smartphone for Seniors with GPS localisation

The Doro 8080 Smartphone is the ideal Smartphone for Seniors and was designed with safety in min...

Doro D7000H Cordless Home Phone

With no fixed landline required, the Doro 7000H Cordless home phone is the perfect choice for th...

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What is an Amplified Mobile Phone?

Amplified mobile phones are specifically designed for those with hearing loss. They offer invaluable features such as extra loud ringer and speaker volume and hearing aid compatibility.

What are the Benefits of an Amplified Mobile Phone?

The key benefits of an amplified mobile phone are an the ability to set the ringer and speaker volume and tone to the level that is right for you making it much easier to take calls when you are out and about.

The Doro 5516 Extra Loud Mobile Phone for example has 7 volume settings, tone control, hearing aid compatibility and voice volume of up to 35dB and 83dB ringer volume.

Which is the Best Mobile Phone for the Elderly?

Big button mobile phones are one of the best mobile phone options for the elderly, as they offer highly tactile, large buttons that make it incredibly easy to text and call. Large button mobile phones such as the Doro 1360 have a clear, loud sound to ensure telephone calls can be made with ease.

What Different Types of Amplified Mobile Phones are There?

Standard amplified mobile phones are available which are easy to use with the ability to adjust the ringer volume and speaker volume and tone. If you want more sophisticated telephone functionality you can also choose from a range of Amplified Smartphones.

Key Features of Amplified Phones

Our range of amplified mobile phones includes devices with the following features:

  • extra loud receiver volume
  • efficient hearing aid compatibility
  • loud handset volume
  • Bluetooth connections for headsets, induction loops or in-car systems.

Further Information

We supply phones made by leading global brands Geemarc and Doro. Manufacturers who are committed to the provision of amplified products. All phones include a full manufacturer's warranty of 12 - 24 months.

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