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Amplicomms TV 2510-NL Wireless TV Listener

Enjoy The TV You Love With Amplicomms The Amplicomms TV 2510-NL is the ideal television companio...

Amplicomms M7000 & M7500 & M8000 Car Charger

Car charger for the Amplicomms M7000, M7500 and M8000 mobile phones. About Amplicomms Amplicomm...

Amplicomms TV 150 Additional Ear Bud Covers

3 pairs of ear bud covers for use on the Amplicomms TV150 TV Listener. Includes one pair of each...

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Amplicomms assistive listening devices can greatly improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired. Amplicomms products are designed with hearing loss in mind and their everyday, household items can make life easier.

The brand is truly dedicated to providing communication solutions for the hearing impaired. Their impressive collection of products includes top quality wireless TV listeners and headphones.

Amplicomms Wireless TV Listeners: Wireless TV listeners are designed to help solve the problem of the TV being too loud for one person and not loud enough for another. Assistive listening devices provide the user with their own unique volume and tone settings whilst others watchers may continue to enjoy the television at their preferred volume. The Amplicomms TV 2510 NL Wireless TV Listener offers a high-quality sound transmission, personal amplification up to 120 dB for a variety of home entertainment items and superior comfort and design.

A large number of Amplicomms products now carry the GGT seal of approval (German Gerontology Technology Association), a highly sought after accolade which speaks volumes for its quality.

The company has built up an enviable reputation for delivering excellent communication solutions, especially with hard of hearing phones and wireless TV listeners. For those with a hearing impairment, Amplicomms can have a hugely positive impact on daily life, especially as many of their products are hearing aid compatible.

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