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Hearing Aid Insurance

Hearing aid insurance is always something to bear in mind when it comes down to new or current devices. After all, it is another cost you should consider. In this blog post, we highlight potential insurers, and how to tell if you re already covered.

Hearing Aid Insurance Explained

Privately bought hearing aids can be very expensive items. In many cases, they can cost four-figure sums, and that's per hearing aid! In fact, some come at a price per pair equivalent to a small family car. Whilst we are legally required to insure vehicles, other expensive items do not always get or require the same cover or protection. Digital hearing aids are decidedly easier to lose or damage than a car and perhaps, therefore, we need to think seriously about properly insuring them. For example, we regularly purchase insurance for gadgets, phones, and watches, yet it's very easy to forget about insuring your hearing aids.

Fortunately, hearing aid insurance is easy to come by and is no different from covering any other assets. It is always best to check your current contents policy. Furthermore, if not already covered, you should be able to add it in without any qualms. In addition, specialist insurers exist and may be your preferred port of call for protecting your hearing device.

Who Will Insure My Hearing Aids?

In conversations with customers over the years, the subject of lost or damaged hearing aids is a topic that is prevalent. This can be even more of an issue if out of warranty. Many people assume that their household insurance will cover them as part of the contents insurance. Often this has turned out not to be the case and end up on the receiving end of an expensive replacement or repair bill.

For example, one insurer currently covers hearing aids damaged by fire or theft under their household insurance contents while you're at home. If you leave home or lose or damage them then you need extra insurance, and this is only covered up to £2000. Luckily this does easily cover all our hearing aids. Other insurers offer cover from £36 per aid per year. A quick Google search will bring up a number of potential insurers. Some of the most recognised names include:

  • Asset Sure
  • Co-Op
  • Boots

It is always well worth checking with your insurance policy terms and conditions or speaking with the company directly to check if they are covered. Often single items in excess of pre-determined amounts need to be specified under the policy to qualify and may not be covered for certain losses such as accidental damage.

A separate cover can be sought for hearing aids although it is worth comparing the premiums for this with any cover offered with conditions by your contents insurer.*

*This advice in no way constitutes insurance advice and you should speak with your insurance company or qualified advisor before drawing any conclusions.

What To Do Should Hearing Aids Become Lost or Damaged?

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate circumstances of uninsured hearing aid loss or damages, you may need to explore other avenues. Depending on the extent of the issue, you may have to:
  • Double check your warranty and contact your device's manufacturer
  • Acquire the appropriate parts if the fault is known and fixable
  • Invest in new hearing aids if lost or unrepairable
  • Contact authorities if stolen

If you are unsure about your own possible hearing aid insurance, it is always best to check your policy with the provider. Hearing Direct has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty on our hearing aids.

Affordable Hearing Aids From Hearing Direct

Sometimes, when looking at new digital hearing aids, the price tag can be frightening. Premium devices can set you back thousands, but of course, they come with the latest technologies and a big brand name. But what about those on a budget? Our hearing aids start at unbelievably low prices. 

One of our newest models is the Signia Motion 13 1Nx. It is fully loaded with some of the most up-to-date hearing aid features so you can see an instant improvement in your ability to hear. It's small, lightweight, and we can pre-program it to match your audiogram results. Furthermore, we have cheaper models available, as well as more advanced devices for the ultimate listening experience.

About Hearing Direct

We are one of the world's leading hearing aid specialists. Hearing Direct offers a wide range of affordable products, as well as information resources to help improve the quality of life for the hard of hearing. We sell: Like and chat to us on our Facebook Page
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