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Best Alarm Clocks for deaf and Hard of Hearing

What are the best alarm clocks for deaf and hard of hearing people? Finding the best alarm clock to help you start the day right after a good night's sleep may have seemed difficult in the past, but not anymore. At Hearing Direct we are pleased to be able to bring you a wide range of loud alarm clocks to wake the hard of hearing and hard to wake alike.

Best Alarm Clocks For Deaf People

An alarm clock for deaf people can seriously benefit the hard of hearing. There is a whole array of different products out there to help you surface in the morning. We want you to feel confident about going to sleep at night, knowing you will be woken up on time. With such choice, finding the right alarm clock for you could be a little overwhelming, so we thought we'd offer you a bit of an insight into what options are available from our Hearing Direct product range. There are a number of key elements to consider when deciding on the best alarm clock. Important factors will include:

  • Extra loud volume (up to 113 db)
  • Vibration
  • Display screen size
  • Flashing lights
  • Analogue or digital
  • Snooze button

We supply a selection of loud alarm clocks that feature many of these vital functions. An alarm clock for deaf people is much more than just a timepiece. We know the above features are fundamental to your morning routine as well as maintaining track of time.

What Is The Best Alarm Clock For Me?

For a wake up call that is right, you may need a device that better suits your hearing needs. We supply a wide range of alarm clocks for the deaf and hearing impaired. With a mix of features, price, styles, and size, our online catalogue may be home to your perfect alarm clock.

Sonic Bomb

Sonic alert sonic bomb black alarm clock

The Sonic Bomb extra loud alarm clock has been purposely designed to wake the deepest of sleepers. It is perfect for anyone with some degree of hearing loss. With up to 113dB and the most powerful 12 Volt bed shaker, it will certainly make you jump out of bed every morning. Key features include:

  • Packaged with our most powerful 12-volt bed shaker
  • Built-in red flashing alert lights
  • 113db extra loud alarm (with adjustable tone & volume control)

    Geemarc Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

    An alarm to wake even the most sound sleeper. The Geemarc Wake N Shake Star Loud Alarm Clock uses loud sound, strobe light or a vibrating pad in various combinations. The clock has a very large digital display and also can be set up to alert you when your telephone is ringing. Key features include:

    • Extra loud alarm of up to 95dB at 1 metre
    • 5 alarm options
    • Extra bright white flash with 12 LEDs

    Geemarc SBT600SS Alarm Clock

    Small enough to be a travelling alarm clock (can be battery powered although a mains lead is still recommended), the 75dB max volume is louder than most alarm clocks of a similar size. The vibrating pad can be left under your pillow and will shake you up and out of bed! You can also charge a smartphone up through the USB outlet on the alarm clock.

    Click here to see our full collection of alarm clocks for the deaf and hearing impaired.

    Vibrating Pads for Alarm Clocks

    We supply a number of vibrating alerts to complement our alarm clocks and alerting devices.

    Click here to view more vibrating pads for alarm clocks.

    Check Your Hearing Online For Free

    Take our free online hearing test to check for hearing loss. If you are concerned about the state of your hearing, our test can help identify if you need to take further action.

    We strongly advise that you consult a medical professional for a proper hearing screening. They will be able to determine the root cause and recommend effective ways to manage your type and level of loss.

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    We are one of the world's leading hearing aid specialists. HearingDirect offers a wide range of affordable products, as well as information resources to help improve the quality of life for the hard of hearing. We sell:

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