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Oticon Corda MiniFit 0.9 Tubing - 5 Tubes

Suitable For?

  • Suitable for: Vigo, Vigo Pro, Safran, Go Pro, Tego, Tego Pro, Syncro, Spirit 3, Spirit Zest, Spirit Zest Communicate / Spirit Zest Plus / Hit / Hit Pro / Ino / Ino Pro / Acto / Acto Pro / Agil / Agil Pro / Alta / Alta Pro.

How to work out what to order:

  • At the end of the tube that goes into the ear you will see a number. Printed in blue for the left ear, and red for the right ear. You may see number like this: 0.9 -1 or 0.9 0 or 0.9 1 or 0.9 2 or 0.9 3 or 0.9 4. Ignore the 0.9 part and look at the number that comes after it.

  • This number between -1 (minus 1) and 4 is the size you need to order.

  • Please be very careful to use Oticon miniFIT domes with Oticon Corda miniFIT thin tubes.

More Information:

  • The 0.9 printed on the end of the tubing indicates the thickness of tube. 0.9 is the most common option, but there is also a thicker bore of tube used for more severe hearing loss. Instead of 0.9 you will see 1.3. Click here to view the 1.3 thick bore tubing.

  • Oticon also manufacture a ‘Corda 2’ tubing which has a different end design. Click here for the Corda 2 tubing. .

About Oticon

Oticon hearing aids and accessories provide high-performance hearing solutions. They manufacture a number of top devices, as well as the essential accessories you need to complement your digital hearing aids.

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