Hard of Hearing TV Headphones

Watching TV is one of the favourite pastimes of many. Problems with hearing need not stop anyone from enjoying a show, news broadcast or a film. For those with hearing loss the TV sound may be perceived as distorted and they may have trouble hearing different frequencies with clarity. Unfortunately, TVs for hard of hearing still do not exist but there are other options to consider if you suffer from a hearing loss.

One of the ways to overcome the problem of disturbing the rest of the household and the neighbours with the high volume of the TV is to use hard of hearing TV headphones. The hard of hearing TV headphones let you listen to the TV at the volume that is most comfortable for you without having to change the TV volume for the others watching

The hard of hearing tv headphones are very comfortable; they act as an infrared or radio device that amplifies the sound coming from your TV, stereo system, computer, CD/MP3 Player, etc. The transmitter can be attached to your television, cable box or satellite. The TV headphones also come with a base unit that recharges the batteries.

Due to the technology used, the signal, which depending on the model can be amplified to 125dB, is strong enough to let you move without interfering with the quality of the sound. The transmitter, such as that of the Amplicom TV 150 Wireless TV Listener, can cover areas of 1225 sq.ft. so you can listen to the TV even if you leave the room.

The TV headphones sitaround your neck and allow easy manipulation of controls. They are also very convenient for people wearing glasses, as they do not cover your ears. They are very light so you will quickly forget that they are there - a typical example is the 45g model Geemarc CL7300 wireless TV listener.

What makes the hard of hearing TV headphones so helpful for those with a hearing loss is that they put emphasis on dialogue and provide clarity of the voice, speech, tone (bass and treble) and different pitches. Many TV headphones reduce the noise so that the sound that you hear is with improved quality. The TV listeners let you control not only the overall volume but adjust it for the different ears, as it is common that hearing loss in one ear can be greater than in the other.

Hard of hearing TV headphones can be used regardless if you have a hearing aid or not. Hearing aids are not usually designed to provide the TV watching experience at the quality the TV headphones can. However, TV listeners are not a substitute for a hearing aid and are limited to use with infrared or radio transmitted signals.

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