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Hearing Protection

12 Item(s)

  1. Moldex Contours
  2. Earplanes Flight Ear Protection
  3. Moldex Sparkplugs 50 pairs
  4. Moldex Contours
  5. ER20 Noise Suppressors Earplugs
  6. Moldex Sparkplugs 20 pairs
  7. Earguards Ear Plugs
  8. Moldex Sparkplugs 100 pairs
  9. Moldex Sparkplugs 200 pairs
  10. Foam Disposable Ear Plugs
  11. Moldex Contours
  12. Moldex Sparkplugs 10 pairs

12 Item(s)

Hearing protection is key to maintaining healthy hearing and preventing potential hearing loss. 

Hearing Protection From $5.99

At Hearing Direct, you will find the necessary items needed to protect your hearing. 

We supply a range of hearing protection products to help your ears avoid damage from dangerous sounds. Exposure to too high levels of noise can result in hearing loss and this can include listening to music too loud for a prolonged time frame, working and in overly noisy environments. 

Shop a selection of ear plugs to help reduce potential damage from loud noise. Our Moldex ear plugs are made from soft, slow-recovery, PVC-free foam boasts am ear-friendly shape allowing it to mold easily to the ear canal which offers a secure and comfortable fit. 

Check Your Hearing

If you believe you could be suffering from hearing loss, we recommend you try our online hearing test. Our hearing check is free, takes a few minutes to complete, and you'll receive your results instantly which will indicate if you should take further action to prevent hearing loss. It is highly advised that you consult a medical professional for a clinical screening. 

Alternatively, if you are hard of hearing, we have our very own range of affordable hearing aids to help you effectively manage mild to moderate hearing losses.

Why You Need To Protect Your Hearing

As one of the human body's essential senses, our hearing requires care. Likewise, with our vision, our ability to hear is fundamental to everyday life. Sound is unavoidable and sometimes we get exposed to harmful, damaging noise. It is the latter which can lead to potential hearing loss and that is why we need to aim to protect our hearing in hazardous environment such as concerts. 

Furthermore, our blog is home to articles, hearing loss resources, advanced guides, as well as product reviews to help you better understand all things hearing. We feel you would be interested in the following:

What To Expect From Hearing Direct

At Hearing Direct we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the hard of hearing. 

Alongside the vital set of hearing protection we provide, you will also find a comprehensive set of amplified items to assist with your daily routine. This includes the likes of hearing impaired phones and extra loud alarm clocks. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all items should you feel dissatisfied.