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Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

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  1. Unitron Open Domes
  2. Unitron Closed Domes
  3. Phonak SlimTubes
  4. Phonak Power Domes

    Unitron Power Domes

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $27.99

  5. Unitron Micro Tubes
  6. Pho Std Rec Unit
  7. Unitron High Power CRT Receiver Unit

7 Item(s)

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron hearing aids are a popular brand of digital hearing aid. They supply in ear hearing aids as well as BTE models so you can choose a style that best suits you and your hearing needs. Our online store is home to a key collection of accessories designed purposefully to fit with Unitron devices. 

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories Range

Unitron hearing aid accessories enhance and complement your Unitron hearing aids. At Hearing Direct, you will find a wide collection of hearing aid accessories for a range of devices including a number of branded models. Specifically, for Unitron hearing aids, we dispense the following essentials:

The domes add extra comfort and improved fit, whereas tubes ensure the effective delivery of sound from device to ear. Both are digital hearing aid necessities and the proper maintenance and care for your device helps you continue to enjoy the sounds you love to hear.  

Whilst you are here, you may also be interested in exploring our selection of hearing aid batteries from leading manufacturers, in all the common sizes. 

Enhance Your Listening Experience… 

Alongside your Unitron hearing aids, more can be done to fully immerse yourself in all the sounds around us. Amplified devices are designed with the hard of hearing in mind and deliver louder, clearer sounds than their generic, household counterpart. You may be interested in the following items to assist your daily antics:

Additionally, if you have not checked your hearing recently, we recommend our online hearing test. It is free, only takes 3 minutes, and the results are instant. 

About Unitron Hearing Aids

Established in 1964, Unitron is part of the Sonova group, which also includes the reputable Phonak brand. The group supply digital hearing aids and accessories in more than 70 countries and strive to deliver high-performance devices to ensure you enjoy the sounds you love. 

What To Expect From Hearing Direct

We are committed to improving the life quality for the hard of hearing. We've created a special range of affordable, own-brand hearing aids to make these digital devices more accessible to the hearing loss community. Also, we are pleased to offer a 30-day money back guarantee on selected items, a 12-month manufacturer warranty, as well as free standard shipping is available on qualifying orders.

Should you have Unitron questions, please do get in touch and our team of experts will dot heir very best to assist you.