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Starkey RIC Snapfit Receiver 50dB


What Is It?

  • Single Snapfit Receiver tube 50dB power level
  • Available in 5 different lengths
  • Compatible with RIC hearing aids from Starkey such as Muse, Halo, Halo 2, Z series and 3 series and the Starkey Xino 312.

Snap Fit wires show a red end for right and blue end for left ear. On the housing of the receiver (the bit that sits in your ear) you will see either a number 50 or 60 to denote the power level of the wire and also a number from 1-5 indicating the receiver wire length.

If the number on your receiver is a 60 – please click here for the 60dB power level replacements.

The Starkey Snapfit receiver tubing does not need any special tools for replacing it. Unscrew the receiver from the hearing aid. If you see 2 gold pins and not 6 small sockets your hearing aid is using a Standard receiver.

Unopened packs may be returned for exchange or refund if you have ordered the incorrect size.

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