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Sonic Alert USS360 Universal Sound Signaler

  • Sonic Alert USS360 Universal Sound Signaler

The Sonic Alert USS360 is a universal sound signaler designed to work with audible devices as well as most remote and lamp receivers.

The Sonic Alert USS360 operates via a light switch connection and works brilliantly as a desktop signaler. If the phone rings, the baby cries or the doorbell goes, the USS360 will alert you by flashing a designated lamp on and off. You can also extend the signal to other rooms where there is a Sonic Alert remote receiver, a great feature for the hearing impaired. 

The Sonic Alert USS360 universal sound signaler provides further coverage from around the home when used in conjunction with a number of other remote receivers, such as the SA101, SA201, RH100 and the SB1000SS alarm clock.

Sonic Alert is an American telecommunications manufacturer that specializes in producing listening devices for the hard of hearing and visually impaired. With over three decades of experience, the company continues to focus on further innovative product development within their field.

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