HD 430 RIC Digital Hearing Aid



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At last!

Review by Stuart (Posted on 12/24/2017)
Good sound quality, Lightweight with 4 levels of volume that can be re configured to suit individual requirements. I have tried more expensive products and less expensive products and I have sent all of them back. These units I will be keeping which says it all
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Better than the $2400 one I had before.

Review by Mike in Mico, Texas (Posted on 11/3/2017)
I've been using these for a little over a week now and these hearing aids are great. Better than the previous $2400 aids I had. I especially like the molded shape of the receivers which help them to stay in place in my ear.

I'm spreading the good word about these aids to those I know that can benefits from hearing aids.

I'm very satisfied with these aids so far.
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I would certainly recommend anyone to use this company. Very helpful.

Review by Vicki (Posted on 6/22/2017)
This is my first time having a hearing aid. I tried another style before I settled on this one, and I really like this small compact one. This company was very helpful and the price was certainly right!
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Excellent clarity

Review by Edward J Harborne (Posted on 12/22/2016)
I live in France and purchased from Hearing Direct HD 430 RIC hearing aid.
I have had cheap ones in the past which have not had good sound and also some years ago a very expensive in ear unit costing £2500 and after 3 years broke down and they wanted Euro 1000 to repair it.
The new unit has excellent clarity and background noise suppression. I had a minor problem with feedback but Joan at Hearing direct could not have been more helpful in resolving the problem. This at a fraction of the cost of a unit bought from a hearing
aid specialist shop.
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