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HD 430 RIC Digital Hearing Aid

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  1. Perfect for Me!

    by Peter on 4/6/2018

    I did buy the HD210 hearing aids some time ago and although they were recently programmed to my audiogram, where not really suitable for me. Like many people, I realised I had some hearing loss, so bought the HD210’s thinking ‘they will do”. Finally, I had a hearing test and discovered my hearing loss was classified ‘moderate to severe’. I discussed whether the HD430 RIC hearing aid would be a better option for me with Joan from Hearing Direct. She said that with 16 channels, the 430’s could likely be better programmed to suit my needs. I ordered a pair of 430’s and have been wearing them for a day now. They are excellent! On the lowest volume setting I now hear birds singing and dogs barking in the distance. I’ve turned the TV down and have turned off the subtitles as I can now hear what is being said. In conversation, I now hear every word clearly. I would advise everyone to have a hearing test and discuss with Hearing Direct what hearing aid would best suit them, like I should have done at the outset! Many, many thanks to Joan for all the help and advice she has given me. Many thanks to Hearing Direct for their excellent customer service.
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  2. My sound world just burst into life!

    by Phil on 3/14/2018

    I have just purchased 2 HD 430 RIC hearing aids and only on my second day wearing them so a little early to give much feedback on how I’m doing with them but my first impressions are that they are absolutely going to change my life! I seem to have missed so many sounds over the years and so this new experience for me is extremely exciting.
    I have to say that when I first put them in my sound world burst into life and it frightened me a little. After a couple of hours I gradually started to get used to them and really enjoyed the new sounds that to me were crystal clear, especially people talking that I’ve struggled with for years. People don’t mumble anymore!
    I went into a busy coffee shop and sat away from the counter but actually could hear exactly what people were ordering. I would never have been able to do that before. I would have just been hearing an awful jumble of horrible noises.
    I will again give more feedback after a few weeks of wearing them and let you know how I’ve been getting on!
    What I can do though is give feedback on my purchase and advise with them.
    From my first contact with Hearing Direct the whole process has been absolutely wonderful, it couldn’t have gone any smoother. I have been in contact several times with a very patient lady called Joan who has answered all of my questions so promptly. She has been fabulous! I can’t speak highly enough about her. She gave me absolute confidence that I was dealing with a professional company and that I was buying a quality product. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hearing Direct to you.
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  3. To be recommended!!

    by Andre on 3/7/2018

    I have had this hearing aid for over two months. I am really happy both in terms of listening and the level of endurance of batteries. Really it's very good and also at the price level.
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  4. At last!

    by Stuart on 12/24/2017

    Good sound quality, Lightweight with 4 levels of volume that can be re configured to suit individual requirements. I have tried more expensive products and less expensive products and I have sent all of them back. These units I will be keeping which says it all
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  5. Better than the $2400 one I had before.

    by Mike in Mico, Texas on 11/3/2017

    I've been using these for a little over a week now and these hearing aids are great. Better than the previous $2400 aids I had. I especially like the molded shape of the receivers which help them to stay in place in my ear.

    I'm spreading the good word about these aids to those I know that can benefits from hearing aids.

    I'm very satisfied with these aids so far.
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  6. I would certainly recommend anyone to use this company. Very helpful.

    by Vicki on 6/22/2017

    This is my first time having a hearing aid. I tried another style before I settled on this one, and I really like this small compact one. This company was very helpful and the price was certainly right!
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  7. Excellent clarity

    by Edward J Harborne on 12/22/2016

    I live in France and purchased from Hearing Direct HD 430 RIC hearing aid.
    I have had cheap ones in the past which have not had good sound and also some years ago a very expensive in ear unit costing £2500 and after 3 years broke down and they wanted Euro 1000 to repair it.
    The new unit has excellent clarity and background noise suppression. I had a minor problem with feedback but Joan at Hearing direct could not have been more helpful in resolving the problem. This at a fraction of the cost of a unit bought from a hearing
    aid specialist shop.
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