HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid

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Work wonderfully...

Review by Sylvia Pengilly (Dr.) (Posted on 1/8/2018)
I want to thank you for your hearing aids, which really do work wonderfully. I am a composer of electronic music, so really need to hear everything I am creating, especially the highs! In a piece of mine that was presented last year in New York, a very, very good friend pointed out that there were numerous artifacts, such as pops, clicks and distortions in my music which I just hadn't heard because of my hearing loss. I was horrified, so purchased a pair of your hearing aids, and then I could hear them very clearly. Together he and I were able to clean it up, and now it is fine. Because of this, I was apprehensive about creating the music for my most recent composition, but used the hearing aids plus headphones during the compositional process. It was finished a few days ago, so I sent an ,aiff file to my friend to check it for artifacts. I just got an e-mail from him saying that he could hear NO ARTIFACTS AT ALL! I was thrilled and amazed that your hearing aids worked so well. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to continue creating my crazy music.
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good buy

Review by don hall sr (Posted on 12/30/2017)
love it right ear use third and forth setting only med wax guard
can they b set a little louder 3 and4 need to b set up a little mine is about 4 months old.I will need a new one for left ear to b set the same
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Eleven Months Usage

Review by Ian (Posted on 10/30/2017)
I bought my HD 250 last Christmas but deliberately waited to post after a reasonable time so that people could get some idea of how I saw the long term benefits. I can say that this hearing aid has changed my life, I am 57 years old but have always worked in noisy environments and without doubt my ears have been damaged. I was finding it difficult to hear in general conversation and listening to the TV was a chore! I have never had cause to contact hearing direct as the hearing aid worked well straight out of the box. The battery life is great - I use one a week at most. I think that it's probably important to get the silicon adaptor correct. I didn't fit one at first but immediately blocked the wax filter! I have been using the small adaptor for almost a year without issues, If i use the medium one then the benefit is reduced. Since fitting the Silicon adaptor I have only replaced the wax filter once. I am now going to order another for my other ear and a set of silicon adaptors. Not that I need two units but with the one I have in my right ear I can hear whilst being a passenger in a car but find difficulty in hearing whilst driving. My Idea is to wear one at a time whichever suits. BTW no one actually notices that I wear one - until I mention it! All-in-all a fantastic aid.
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the 250

Review by drhallsr (Posted on 8/21/2017)
very very nice hearing aid love it have had it for 3 days don't know its in my ear best deal ever
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Happy after adjustments

Review by Peter M (Posted on 8/15/2017)
I would just like to say thanks to Joan for the excellent service I received on my purchase of my hearing aid. The only issue was getting the volume correct which was understandable considering this was an on-line purchase. I had to return it twice to get it adjusted and Joan was excellent in both communications and speed of service, I was offered a refund on both occasions if I wasn't satisfied which was very re-assuring. Now that the adjustments have been made the hearing aid is working perfectly.
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Very happy

Review by B Bowman (Posted on 8/9/2017)
Got 2 hearing aids from you not long ago, spent a lot of money from two hearing aid shops and i would like to say these the best i ever had. i can watch TV , now and here what they say. i can play golf now and if somebody says look i can hear them.thanks again.
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Review by Harlan (Posted on 5/29/2017)
These HD 250s are phenomenal - from a person with moderate hearing loss. This review is unsolicited and uncompensated. None of my friends, my contacts, my family, my wife, or me are associated with HD. Having had a pair of the 250s for a month now has let me use them in most of the enviroments where I would expect to use them including airlines, highway travel, crowded dining rooms, quite one-on-one conversations, and church with loud music. I can hear birds again as well as understanding high-pitched female voices. Background noise is minimized while conversation is clear and distinct. The technology is far, far superior to the behind-the-ear units that I have now retired. The appearance is much more appealing and these are quite comfortable. I feel like my hearing is now nearly restored to the way I remember it. I would rate these 250s ten stars if it were possible.
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Great result

Review by Doc C (Posted on 5/22/2017)
My experience working HearingDirect.com has been nothing less than exceptional! For several months my vice president, has been telling me I needed a hearing test and probably a hearing aid. So, I searched the web for "invisible hearing aids" and found HearingDirect.com. After the online audiogram, I communicated with their outstanding audiologist and shortly thereafter my HD 250 arrived. Did it make a difference? Read these anecdotal comments and see for yourself:
• There are birds singing outside my office every morning...not loud but they're there and I suspect they tweet in the range I could not hear. I hear them now.
• For conference calls, we use a thing called a PolyCom that enables multiple people in the room to hear and speak to others on the call. We did a conference call the weekend right after I got the hearing aid and when setting the volume at our end, it was only showing two bars and I could hear quite well. My vice president asked, "Do you want to hear where you used to have the volume set?" I responded, "Sure". It was deafening and there were no bars left on the volume indicator...volume was all the way to the right. Now I know why when we had conference calls in the past, she sat at her desk and not around the conference table.
• Finally, I've stopped shouting at people...now I just talk to them and in meetings I don't miss anything anymore.
• It's great!
Now that I've had the HD 250 for a while, I find that the fidelity was not what I would like. I have been in touch with HearingDirect.com and they're sending me a re-programmed HD 250...no questions asked but just wanting a satisfied customer. As soon as I receive the new device, I simply send the one I'm currently using back to them. I cannot imagine how their service could be any better than that.
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Great product, and even better support

Review by Bob (Posted on 5/9/2017)
Like I said before, I received a HD 250 for my left ear. I had figured, what the heck, for $300 I'll give it a shot. After using for one hour I sat down at my computer and ordered one for my right ear! The right HD 250 that I received had a persistent background hiss. I contacted Hearing Direct by e-mail with my problem, and they sent me a new right unit ASAP. The new HD 250 works great!
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Review by Bob (Posted on 4/26/2017)
I received a HD 250 for my left ear. I had figured, what the heck, for $300 I'll give it a shot. After using for one hour I sat down at my computer and ordered one for my right ear!
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