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Rayovac Battery Tester

  • Rayovac Battery Tester

Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery Tester

The hearing aid battery tester from Rayovac is one of the few tools that can check battery life. This smart accessory can ideally be placed on your keyring and is small enough for pockets and bags. You can check the life of any size battery including:

Pair this with the Rayovac battery caddy so you can securely store and carry batteries out and about so you don't find yourself without hearing aid battery power should your cells spontaneously die. 

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Key Features

The hearing aid battery tester was designed so you can check new batteries you've ordered, as well as test older batteries that you've been storing. Most hearing aid batteries have a long shelf-life of up to four years, but it's always wise to check for duds! 

What Is It?

  • Digital hearing aid battery tester with LCD display

What Does It Do?

  • Provides a clear visual indication of battery life
  • Simply lay battery in the tray and slide upwards to check the cell
  • Ideally sized to fit on a key ring, in bags, pockets, and drawers

Can Be Used With:

More From Rayovac

Rayovac hearing aid batteries are actually Hearing Direct's 'best battery buy'. We always try to hold these batteries in stock and supply packs of 6 - 60 cells so you can order the batteries you need when you need them. 

Customer Reviews

  1. Battery Tester

    by Contax on 11/12/2016

    I bought one of these from here a couple of years ago, it's a great product, only thing I would improve is a cover over gold battery test area to protect it.
    Star Rating
  2. I ordered a variety of accessories and a...

    by Barry Sklan on 11/22/2011

    I ordered a variety of accessories and am delighted with the quality and value of all of them and especially the speedy dilvery. I wiil use you service again next time I need to purchase items Thankyou
    Star Rating

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