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Power One Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 Pack of 60

  • Power One Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 Pack of 60

Regular Price: $27.90

Special Price $19.99

The PowerOne size 10 hearing aid batteries are most popularly used in the smallest of hearing aids and in particular those that fit deep inside the ear canal. As with all size 10 batteries, these come in a yellow packaging and the tabs on the rear of the batteries are also yellow to avoid confusion with other battery sizes. If you are looking for one of the cheapest prices per Power One battery on the Internet then you should choose this great value multi-pack option.

Each battery has a shelf life of at least three years so there’s every reason to take advantage of this competitively priced option.

What Is It?

  • Power One Mercury Free Size 10 Batteries
  • 10 x 6 cells

What Does It Do?

  • Long running time
  • Enhanced performance

Can Be Used With:

  • Suitable with all hearing aids using size 10 batteries

Customer Reviews

  1. Quality battery for the price

    by Anddrew on 11/4/2018

    Lasted as long or perhaps a little longer than any other battery brand I've used. I need to change mine every 2.5 to 3.5 days, depending on various factors. Definitely recommend them. Haven't really found any that are less expensive with better performance. Never encountered a malfunctioning battery yet.
    Star Rating
  2. Work fine. Used this brand for years

    by Terry on 7/25/2017

    They work fine and the price is fair. Last as long as any other brand of battery. Also like the smaller 6 battery package as it takes up less space in my pocket as compared to an 8 battery package.
    Star Rating
  3. Really good four stars

    by Smr on 6/24/2016

    Started using power one to replace similar Costco batterys, ,lasted longer more powerful
    Star Rating
  4. I bought these Power One hoping that the...

    by Panayiotis on 6/3/2014

    I bought these Power One hoping that they would last longer than the standard Ray O Vac Batteries I normally use. However, I have found that they didn't perform much different and certainly were not worth the extra cost. Will be staying with Ray O Vac from now on.
    Star Rating

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