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Phonak ‘C&C Line’ Drying Beaker & Drying Capsules Kit

  • Phonak ‘C&C Line’ Drying Beaker
  • Phonak ‘C&C Line’ Drying Beaker & Capsules
  • Phonak ‘C&C Line’ Drying capsules

What is it?

  • A plastic beaker with a removable insert
  • Blister of 6 capsules containing silica crystals

What does it do?

  • Absorbs the moisture of the hearing aids
  • Place capsule in drying beaker, then place the hearing instrument in the insert and the insert into the drying beaker (the use of the insert means the hearing instrument doesn't touch the drying capsule). Put the lid on the beaker and leave to dry, ideally overnight.
  • To be used every day - a capsule should last about 2 weeks
  • Can be used until the yellow indicator turns white

Can be used with:

  • Compatible with all hearing instruments

HearingDirect tip: We recommend that you remove the capsule from the blister only when you are ready to use it in order to optimise their lifetime. Once they are taken out of their packaging, they are activated and will start being consumed. Make sure to seal the Drying Beaker once the capsule inside to extend their durability.

HearingDirect tip2: Do not forget to remove the battery from you hearing aid before inserting it in the Drying Beaker insert.

Additional Drying capsules are available here.

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