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Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aids

Hearing aid repairs come at a fixed price of $90*. We offer a full repair service for all of our own branded hearing aids. The devices we dispense come complete with a 12-month manufacturers warranty, so if your model develops a problem outside this warranty, send it to us along with the filled-in form below. 

Quick-Fix Tips

Depending on the severity of your fault, you may actually be able to amend your device yourself. The more you wear hearing aids, the more key parts and components become worn. Sometimes, it is these parts which are actually causing the problem, but many of these essential parts are replaceable and can be done at home. For a range of branded devices, at Hearing Direct, you will find:

Furthermore, you can view our complete collection of hearing aid accessories to explore further options to enhance your digital hearing aids. 

What About Hearing Aid Repairs For Branded Devices?

For those of you with branded hearing aids from other manufacturers other than ourselves, you may have to contact the manufacturer or place of purchase directly. Manufacturer warranties will differ from brand to brand so we recommend you check with them and review the paperwork for your device. 

Hearing Aid Repairs Form

To take advantage of this service, we would ask that you download the following form, complete it and send it in with the faulty product. We will then contact you via email on receipt to confirm the repair times and that there are no unusual issues that cannot be resolved within the fixed price scheme. Please note that there may be an additional charge for severe physical damage to the hearing aid. If for any reason this fixed price repair cannot be honored, we will contact you before carrying out any work to agree any additional costs. We will provide details on how to pay for the repair at this time and you may choose to go ahead and have the item repaired or have the item sent back to you.


To discuss any queries surrounding the repair process or an existing repair update, please contact us on 1-800-216-2331 or get in touch via email.  

*Please note that at this time we can only offer a repair service for our own hearing aids.