Oticon Pro Wax



What is it?

  • A pack of 6 Oticon ProWax filters
  • Grey dial works as a removal tool
  • Protects from ear wax and dust entering the canal section of the hearing aid

Can be used with?

  • To be used with many of the latest Oticon hearing aids
  • If your hearing aid is an Oticon RITE or miniRITE please see Oticon ProWax MiniFit wax guards.

For the best performance of your hearing aid, make sure that the wax filters are clean and replaced regularly.

Please note that these are the newer version of wax guards from Oticon and can also be used with hearing aids that were originally fitted with the Oticon NoWax.


White packaging ProWax filter

Review by Jim Lewis (Posted on 10/6/2017)
I have ordered this product from another supplier before and received the incorrect one. Make sure the outside package is white with gray stripe. My hearing aide has OPN 3 on it also and the brand is Oticon.
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