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  • HF4 Wax guards

What Is It?

  • Dial of 15 blue or red HF4 wax filters
  • Comes with insertion / extraction tool
  • Blue denotes for use in left hearing aid, red for use in right-ear hearing aids.

What Does It Do?

  • These gauze-based filters are acoustically transparent and prevent cerumen (wax), dirt and moisture from penetrating the hearing aid via the receiver opening at the end of the hearing aid. In in-the-ear, and receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid designs, the receiver is the electronic component inserted the deepest into the ear canal, and therefore should be offered the most protection.

Can Be Used With:

  • These are commonly used in a number of manufacturers in-the-ear products, particularly Siemens and ReSound
  • HF4 wax guards can be easily taken out and exchanged using the integrated changing tool.

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