Earpal Ear Wax Remover



The Earpal ear wax remover is one of the safest methods to extract wax from the ear.

Thanks to an expert design, the Earpal ear wax remover cannot touch or perforate the ear drum accidently. As a result, your ears and hearing will avoid being damaged in the ear cleaning process and is considered safer than Q-Tips. 

What Is It?

  • Earpal is THE ONLY SAFE WAY to remove earwax from your ears.
  • The Earpal loop is made from surgical stainless steel.

What does it do?

  • Extracting earwax from the ear canal is done simply and effectively using a loop made from a solid material.
  • As a result of the shape and dimension of each Earpal it can never touch or perforate the eardrum by accident – making it the only safe way to remove earwax.

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*Please note that this product is only to be used by adults over the age of 18.



Don’t let this review fall on deaf ears!

Review by Maxine (Posted on 3/24/2018)
Absolutely delighted with this product having spent days with a blocked ear. I used this and the results were astounding. It completely removed the wax blockage. Would wholeheartedly recommend this product.
Star Rating

This has to be the best product I have b...

Review by Rachel B (Posted on 3/17/2015)
This has to be the best product I have bought in a long time. I admit I used to use cotton buds when my wax got too much, I did felt guilty but it just needed to be done. 1st time with the ear pal and my head feels so much clearer, I feel so much lighter and I was so amazed how much wax could be cleared with something in a safe way, I cant rate this little product enough.
Star Rating

Having once made the silly mistake of tr...

Review by Alastair Gordon (Posted on 2/5/2015)
Having once made the silly mistake of trying to clear the ear with cotton wool on the end of a cocktail stick, I am very pleased to find something effective and safe. It takes a few goes to build confidence and improve technique but it does work well
Star Rating

I was always of the school that preached...

Review by Stuart McKever (Posted on 9/13/2014)
I was always of the school that preached that you should never put anything in your ear apart from your elbow, but this device is the exception. I remember that an audiologist used a similar device in my ear, so it must be safe. This device certainly worked, removing a large deposit of cerumen, easily, comfortably and safely. It, combined with the ear syringe I bought along with it, should make future visits to the local practice nurse a thing of the past
Star Rating

My previous technique for removing earwa...

Review by Luis Villazon (Posted on 6/25/2014)
My previous technique for removing earwax was to use the eraser on the end of a pencil to gently swirl deep in my ear and try to get some wax to stick to the end of the eraser. This did get wax out, but it also pushed some wax deeper in and often left me with hearing that was temporarily worse. This remover works much better at pulling the wax out and seems to drive it in much less. You still need to be careful - it is quite possible to push it so far in that you can hurt the sides of your ear canal as you rotate the tool. The metal loop is also much stiffer than I was expecting - it's actually completely rigid. But it's much better than my pencil eraser and waaay better than a cotton bud. Ironically, I still have a use for my cotton buds, as I find they are the best way of cleaning the wax from the inside loop of this tool. I don't think I'll bother with ear syringing appointments at my GP surgery any more. I'm pretty sure I can deal with any blockages by myself.
Star Rating

Used this as soon as it arrived as ears ...

Review by Pam Brown (Posted on 1/24/2014)
Used this as soon as it arrived as ears blocked by wax for sometime and fed up of long wait for micro-suction ,ENT appointment. As I have a 60% hearing loss and wear aids the wax build up has a big impact on my hearing and life (no one understands ). The satisfaction of removing great lumps is wonderful !!
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The ad "The only safe way to remove earw...

Review by Rajni Obhrai (Posted on 12/31/2013)
The ad "The only safe way to remove earwax" just says too little about this product. Actually it is a thousand times better than that. It is not only safe but also the only most effective way to remove earwax. I can say this from my experience of several years during which I got micro-suction or syringing done to my ears on several occasions. When I used this product at home, ear wax came out in such big lumps from each ear, that even recalling this event sends shiver down my spine.
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