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Discreet Hearing Aids

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  1. HD 210 Digital Hearing Aid

    HD 211 Digital Hearing Aid

    • Mid-range, behind-the-ear hearing aid with adjustable volume
    • Programmable for mild to moderate age-related hearing loss
    • Comfortable open-fit design delivers a balanced, natural sound
  2. HDR 200 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid

    HDR 200 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price $279.00

    • Entry level, rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aid
    • Pre-programmed for mild to moderate age-related hearing loss
    • Delivers all-round clear sound
  3. HDR 400 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

    HDR 400 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid


    An easy to use, rechargeable, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid

    Appropriate for mild to moderate hearing loss

    Fully programmable to meet with individual needs

    Excellent noise reduction options

3 Item(s)

Discreet hearing aids are less visible than conventional hearing aids, almost invisible. Our discreet hearing aids are small, subtle, and fit comfortably behind the ear. We also have a range of invisible hearing aids which fit almost invisibly inside the canal of the ear. Our descreet hearing aid selection starts from as little as £269.

Discreet hearing aids come in a variety of types: receiver in the ear, behind the ear and rechargeable. They are all small, fitting behind the ear with a thin clear tube running into the ear canal. Discreet hearing aids are, in general, more powerful than invisible in the ear aids. They also tend to have more features whilst still providing the discretion of a smaller hearing aid.

The following guides on our blog provide further information to help you decide which discreet device is best for you: