Comply Soft Wrap Pack



What Is It?

  • Self adhesive wraps for comfort and feedback management

What Does It Do?

  • made from slow recovery soft foam
  • improves fit and reduces sound leakage (which may be causing feedback or whistling) from in-the-ear hearing aids or earmoulds.

Can Be Used With:

  • Can be used with all In The Ear Hearing Aids


Super Duper !!!

Review by Ken Mckean (Posted on 3/28/2018)
Brilliant - far better than the domes. For me - no whistling and more comfort !
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Stops the whistling

Review by Connie Allen (Posted on 9/16/2017)
I think they are brilliant and has stopped the horrible whistling I used to get. A bit pricey when the p & p is added.
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I emailed HD about a problem I had with ...

Review by Mags. (Posted on 2/18/2012)
I emailed HD about a problem I had with one of my HD200 aids. They kindly offered to forward me a sample of the comply wrap to try (I live in France so this was certainly helpful for me). The package arrived three days after and I have found the wrap most successful. Thank you so much HD. I have just ordered some from you.
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For your £10 you get 10 thin strips a...

Review by Terence Hatherley (Posted on 5/18/2011)
For your £10 you get 10 thin strips about 5cms long and 4mm wide. They are designed to seal the gaps around your aid and so inhibit feedback. I found they work very well but do be careful to remove the colourless backing (this is not obvious and I wasted 2 wraps before I found this out). Although they work well and I will continue to use them, I think they are very over priced, as each only lasts about 10 days to 2 weeks.
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