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Clarity C200 Amplified Phone

  • Clarity Phone C200
Clarity C200 User Guide
29th July, 2016 747KB

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The Clarity C200 amplified corded phone offers all the basic requirements you could wish for in an amplified phone but also represents excellent value for money. Ideal for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss, the Clarity C200 produces up to 26 decibels of amplification and a clear, crisp sound. It comes supplied with a bright visual ring indicator that can’t fail to catch your attention and a loud ringer volume. It’s also hearing aid compatible for those with telecoil settings. If you like to keep things simple and are restricted by budget, then the Clarity C200 could be the perfect choice.

For the last forty years, Clarity has produced some world-class specialist communication equipment for the hard of hearing. An American based organisation, they are one of the market leaders in their field offering an extensive range of devices to help people keep in touch. The Clarity C200 is one of their more basic corded phones, producing quality sound at an affordable price.


  • Adjustable receiving volume control up to 26dB
  • Loud ringer volume up to100 dB
  • Clarity Power technology
  • Bright visual ring indicator
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Large, backlit keypad

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