The Best Amplfied Cordless Phones For The Elderly

Nowadays, a phone connected to a landline is necessary for every home but that doesn't mean the phone has to be wired in. Your solution is an amplified cordless phone that matches the benefits of a landline with the flexibility of a mobile.

Many of these amplified phones retain a modern contemporary design but incorporate important design features and functions.

Hard of Hearing lady with cordless phone

Depending on preference and needs, you can choose from an array of models with a solution that can be quite well tailored to the individual. Many of the cordless phones appear more modern and contemporary compared to their corded counterparts, primarily linked to the more recent trend for cordless phones in the home. In addition, they offer many similar functions to the more traditional phones but with the distinct added advantage of flexibility in location.. With the cordless phone, you take a call and have a conversation in every room of your home, on the balcony or in the garden, as it is not attached to the base. This convenience and mobility results in many people opting for cordless phones.

Different cordless phones have various features the most suitable for the elderly tend to fall into the group of the amplified phones. Amplified cordless phones offer a significant additional volume increase to the incoming callers voice and ringer volume making them ideal for those with some degree of hearing impairment.

Key features for an amplified cordless phone:

  • easy to manipulate large buttons with a backlit keypad
  • straightforward functions
  • a loud ringer
  • an option for volume increase
  • a clear, bright large display

Some extra features to look for:

  • Telecoil compatibility
  • a visual ring indicator
  • handsfree speakerphone
  • an answer phone
  • Caller ID

At you can find a variety of amplified cordless phone  that are suitable for the elderly. Many cordless phone models are quite affordable with functions useful for an elderly person who has problems with vision, hearing or both.

The main manufacturers of amplified cordless phones:

Suggested Cordless Phones:

Models such as the Amplidect 350 offer increase in volume up to 30dB. The PowerTel 700 has an option for volume increase to even 40dB. Both models provide Telecoil compatibility, which means that they can be used with hearing aids that have a T-setting.

Amplidect 350 Amplified Cordless Phone

A built-in answer phone and a handsfree speaker option can be found in the Amplidect 285, the BigTel 280 with adjustable ringer volume up to 80dB and the Powertel 780 with 9 ringtones, adjustable ringer volume up to 90dB and a sound distortion of only 1.5% at full amplification.

Amplicomms BigTel 280 Cordless Telephone

While some amplified cordless phones are more expensive than corded phones, prices may vary depending on the brand and full specifications. If you are looking for a budget cordless telephone, you can consider the Amplicom BigTel 200 as it comes with a price tag of only £39.99 (accurate at the time of writing this guide) and has an extra-large display, a bright LED for incoming calls notification, a phone book with 50 entries and up to 11 hours of talk time.

Doro Comfort 1010 Duo Cordless Telephone

The Doro Comfort 1010 Duo Cordless Telephone
provide A great pair of phones offering good levels of amplification at outstanding value. If, like many, you are looking to replace your phones at home with something which is just that bit louder yet retains high standards of design and style then this is the twin set for you.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Amplfied Cordless Phones For The Elderly”

  • Hi, Seniors don't want complicated functions in phone. They just want a phone easy to operate and must be user-friendly. These phones like by the seniors. Also they want expensive services on their cell phones. So these are the perfect phone for seniors. Thanks

  • Personally I don't like any of these phones because the main issue my elderly parents have is their eye sight. Their vision is very poor and they have different glasses for long range and close range. If they happen to be wearing the wrong glasses when the phone rings, they just can't see the number in the caller ID.

    • Hi Jim, Many hard of hearing phones have resolved this by including sensory triggers in the share of flashing lights to signal an incoming call, large backlit buttons to make ringing easier and large screens for viewing the caller ID. They are often sold to the hearing as well as the vision impaired. Thank you for your comment.

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