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The Best Amplified Cordless Phones For The Elderly

Amplified phones aren't just for the hearing impaired. Amplified cordless phones are also highly beneficial to the elderly or those seeking an uncomplicated telephone.

At Hearing Direct, you will find a range of cordless phones for seniors to assist the ageing, and hard of hearing community.

Why Choose Amplified Cordless Phones For Seniors?

There may come a time when a standard telephone is no longer good enough.

As we age, it is only natural that our senses diminish and it is something that is very difficult to avoid. Age-related hearing loss is one of the most common impairments that can affect us later on in life. Not to worry, there is a number of items out there (especially on our website) to help maintain your day-to-day antics.

This is where amplified phones come in handy...

What to Expect from an Amplified Cordless Phone

Different cordless phones for elderly have various features that are more than suitable for older generations. Many of these amplified phones retain a modern contemporary design but incorporate important design features and functions.

best cordless phone elderly Switel DC5002 Vita Duo Amplified Cordless Phone

Depending on preference and requirements, you can choose from an array of models with a solution that can be tailored to the individual needs. For example, ringer and voice volume far exceeds that of generic phone models.

Most cordless phones for seniors appear more modern and contemporary compared to their corded counterparts, primarily linked to the more recent trend for wireless technology in the home. In addition, they offer the same set of core functions that are fundamental for communication. The added bonus is that there will be no cords restricting the location of your call, giving you the freedom to be on the phone in any room in your home. This convenience and mobility result in many people opting for cordless models.

Benefits of Amplified Phones

Amplified cordless phones for elderly persons feature elements to enhance how you communicate with loved ones. By offering the key features present with any other telephone, amplified phones will greatly benefit those with hearing loss, visual impairments or those after an easy-to-you model.

Above all, amplified cordless phones for seniors and hard of hearing offer a significant additional volume increase to the incoming caller's voice and ringer volume making them ideal for those with some degree of hearing impairment.

Key features for an amplified cordless phone:

  • Extra-loud ringer
  • Extra-loud voice volume
  • Straightforward functions
  • Easy-to-use large buttons
  • Backlit keypads
  • Clear, large and bright visual display

Some extra features to look for:

  • Telecoil compatibility
  • A visual ring indicator
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Answer phone
  • Caller ID

When browsing cordless phones for elderly or seniors, full product descriptions and features are listed.

Recommended Cordless Phones for Elderly

At hearingdirect.com you can find a variety of amplified cordless phone that is suitable for both the elderly and the hearing impaired.

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We provide amplified phones for trusted and leading manufacturers dedicated to improving the lifestyles of those with hearing loss. We supply phones from the following brands:

Many cordless phone models are quite affordable with functions useful for an elderly person who has problems with vision, hearing or both.

Geemarc AmpliDect 295 Cordless Phone

The Geemarc AmpliDect 295 Amplified Cordless duo telephone with answering machine offers some serious amplification with a receiving volume of up to 30 dB.

  • Phonebook for 50 contacts
  • Big buttons for easy dialing
  • Large LCD display
  • Caller ID

Hearing aid compatible with hearing aids using ‘T’ setting.

Doro Magna 2005 

The Doro Magna 2005 is one of our most popular cordless models.

cordless phones for elderlyBoasting up to 40dB of high-quality clarity and volume on the incoming voice, the Magna 2005 extra loud ringer and a speakerphone, presented in one of the smartest designs on the market. 

The Magna 2005 range is available in solo, duo, and trio sets.

  • Built-in answering machine
  • Adjustable tone and volume levels
  • 5 voice volume and ringer levels
  • 100 Phonebook entries
  • Backlit display

Hearing aid compatibility using the devices 'T' setting.

Switel DC5001 Vita

The Switel Vita DC5001 extra loud cordless telephone is an ideal choice for both the elderly and those with hearing loss.

cordless phones for elderlyWith a ringtone of up to 80dB and a handset volume of up to 30dB, big buttons, and large display screen, this Switel model is the complete package. There’s even a hands-free option and a flashing LED indicator to prompt you when the phone is ringing to better assist the visually impaired too.

  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Ringing tone adjustable up to 80 dB
  • Handset volume adjustable up to 30 dB (boost mode)
  • Ringing LED indicator
  • Energy saving product
  • Alarm clock function

Amplicomms PowerTel 2702

They say that all the good things in life come in pairs; the PowerTel 2702, a simple, extra loud telephone system from Amplicomms is no exception!

best cordless phone for elderly Amplicomms PowerTel 2702 – Amplified, Cordless, DECT Phone

The Amplicomms PowerTel 2702 amplified cordless telephone can support up to five additional handsets which can be placed around the home for efficient communication. The PowerTel series is one of the most popular Amplicomms phone families we supply.

This hearing aid compatible set features a ringtone of up to 90dB and an amplified volume of 40dB, making it seriously loud.

  • HD sound (DSL)
  • Large, backlit keys
  • Amplified volume 40 dB / extra loud ring 90 dB
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Audio assistant
  • Telephone book with up to 100 entries
  • Up to 10-hours of continuous use

You may also be interested in call blockers to prevent nuisance and spam calls to prevent and stay safe from fraudulent numbers.

Age-related Hearing Loss

Approximately one in three aged over 65 suffer from hearing loss. 

Age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis, is a type of sensorineural hearing loss condition that primarily affects the hair cells in the inner ear. Over time and due to the body's natural aging process, these hairs can become damaged which results in a loss of hearing.

It's inevitable that as we age, at some point we may notice that our hearing is not as strong as it once was. This is only natural.

Test your Hearing

If you are concerned about your hearing, take our online hearing test.

The test is free, simple, and results will indicate if you should take action to prevent further damage to your hearing.

About Hearing Direct

We are one of the leading hearing aid specialists.

Your hearing health is important to us. and we produce informative advice and offer key products to satisfy your listening needs.

At Hearing Direct, you will find:

Should you have any questions on the items we supply, please get in touch and our team will do their best to help answer your queries.

3 thoughts on “The Best Amplified Cordless Phones For The Elderly”

  • Hi, Seniors don't want complicated functions in phone. They just want a phone easy to operate and must be user-friendly. These phones like by the seniors. Also they want expensive services on their cell phones. So these are the perfect phone for seniors. Thanks

  • Personally I don't like any of these phones because the main issue my elderly parents have is their eye sight. Their vision is very poor and they have different glasses for long range and close range. If they happen to be wearing the wrong glasses when the phone rings, they just can't see the number in the caller ID.

    • Hi Jim, Many hard of hearing phones have resolved this by including sensory triggers in the share of flashing lights to signal an incoming call, large backlit buttons to make ringing easier and large screens for viewing the caller ID. They are often sold to the hearing as well as the vision impaired. Thank you for your comment.

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