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  • What Does 'Hearing Aid Compatible' Mean?

    We list some Assistive Listening Devices or ‘ALDs’ on our website as being ‘hearing aid compatible'. But what is the meaning of 'hearing aid compatible'? Assistive Listening Device is the industry term used to describe any product which provides extra amplification for specific environments – such as hearing better on...
  • An Idiot Abroad or how I got frustrated with restrictive hearing aid sales

    Last week Joan and I flew to Hanover in Germany to attend the biggest Audiology trade show in Europe, so my Blog has an international traveller feel to its title. OK, so I stole it from the Ricky Gervais TV show currently on SKY but as ever with the Blog...
  • A Visit To Hanover

    Last week I tried to brush up on my non-existent German skills in order to attend the ‘Europäische Union der Hörgeräteakustiker e.V’ 2010 congress. The European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians puts on this major exhibition each year; which attracts ever-increasing numbers of international delegates in addition to the strong...
  • When Is A Hearing Aid Good Enough?

    "When Is A Hearing Aid Good Enough?" is a question I get asked a lot. When we originally set up HearingDirect.com one of the questions that was often asked of us and still is today, is how can your hearing aids be any good if they are so cheap?  It...

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