Hearing Aid Battery Sizes

Their model number and colour label divide hearing aid battery sizes. The most widely known manufactures are Rayovac, Duracell and PowerOne (which also power the NHS hearing aids range). Whichever manufacturer you choose, the hearing aid battery size and colour label will stay the same, acting as a global index making it easier for the wearer to identify which is which.

hearing aid battery sizes


  • Size 5 which is no longer in common use
  • Size 10 which is marked in a yellow label
  • Size 13 which is marked in an orange label
  • Size 312 which is marked in brown label
  • Size 675 which is marked in a blue label

Your particular hearing aid can carry only one size. Hearing aid batteries size 10 are considered the smallest and therefore are commonly used in small hearing aids of the CIC, ITC and ITE models. Hearing aid batteries size 13 tend to offer better longevity depending on the hearing aid and most NHS hearing aids tend to carry size 13. Hearing aid batteries size 312 are newer compared to the earlier two and tend to be used for BTE hearing aids. Hearing aid batteries size 675 are the biggest in terms of their size and tend to power the bigger hearing aids and cochlear implant aids.

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