Common Hearing Aid Batteries Questions and Answers

Hearing aids are a group of micro computers which can help the hard of hearing manage certain types of hearing loss. These battery powered sophisticated devices are the most effective solution to help manage mild to moderate hearing loss. To provide the required amplification, hearing aids require a power source in the shape of batteries. If you are researching more information on the various batteries available for hearing aids, the following common questions and their answers will help.

Q. How long will the batteries last for?

A. The longevity of hearing aid batteries will depend on a number of factors. Because there are a number of manufacturers, performance and longevity will vary from one manufacturer to the next. Furthermore, your precise hearing aid model and type of use will also influence how quickly the battery will be depleted. It makes sense that if you use your hearing aid more often, the battery will deplete quicker and of course, vice-versa. Your hearing aid will likely alert you to an imminent depleted battery, so within a couple of weeks of owning the device you will have a pretty good idea of how long the batteries will last. Hearing Direct’s range of hearing aids have an estimated battery life of:

HD100 - 80 hours
HD200 - 80 hours
HD300 - 240 hours
HD350 - 72 hours
HD400 - 175 hours

Q. Which battery size fits my device?

A. Each hearing aid can carry one size of battery and the required size will appear inside the battery compartment of the device. Hearing aid batteries are available in four common sizes. Size 10 which are marked with a yellow tag, size 13 which are marked with an orange tag, size 312 which are marked with a brown tag and finally size 675 which are marked with a blue tag. Hearing Direct’s range of hearing aids, carry the following sizes:

HD100 - Size 10
HD200 - Size 10
HD300 - Size 13
HD350 - Size 10
HD400 - Size 312

Q. What does each battery colour tag represent?

A. To make it easier for hearing aid wearer’s to recall which size fits their device, each battery size has its own universal colour. No matter which brand of hearing aid battery you choose; Rayovac, Energizer or Duracell, the colour index will stay the same. So, you only need to memorize the colour of batteries suitable for your device, rather than the size. We’ve previously covered the colour index.

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  • Once the sealing tab has been removed from a new battery does it slowly run down even if it is not being switched on and used?

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