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12 Lords ‘a’ pardoning, 11 Ladies Suing

We recently had a story covered in the Mail on Sunday regarding The House of Lords and a survey we carried out regarding the impact diminished hearing has on Peers going about their daily duties in the House. I should say that I found the results surprising but they are not, particularly when you consider the age demographic of most Peers. In essence there are a good many of them that feel they miss important points when issues are being debated or indeed laws being passed. Their plight however, is very typical of many – in fact the number of people that suffer in much the same way is in the millions throughout the UK and tens of millions more across the world. One wonders how many other Governments and Organisations across the Globe are making decisions in the absence of all the facts or worse, in the knowledge of misheard information. Whilst I’m fairly sure this is unlikely to lead to mishearing the locations of weapons of mass destruction or white smoke instead of black at the Sistine Chapel during conclave, it can have a surprisingly significant impact. The financial and sometimes bizzare impact of mishearing information can be very demonstrable; you simply have to have played a game of Chinese Whispers as a child to realise the implications of mishearing information.

The real outcome to those of us without a peerage can be just as significant, perhaps less globally concerning but in terms of relationships and family perhaps more impactful. In another survey we carried out we found that some people had even been threatened with divorce if they did not do something about their hearing and to think the process of obtaining help is now only a few mouse clicks away! In fact, getting some hearing help in the shape of hearing aids for example is far quicker than obtaining a Decree Absolute and at a fraction of the price; ask a marriage guidance counsellor or a divorce lawyer if they can deliver something for less than £150 the very next day that may save a marriage I think they may struggle! Whilst we certainly don’t claim to be the marriage saviours of our time, we can help you hear your wife or husband better (even if you may not want to!).

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