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Starkey Hearing Aids Accessories & Parts

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  1. Starkey-Hear-Clear-Wax-Guards.jpg
  2. Starkey-Hear-Clear-Wax-Guards.jpg
  3. ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10
  4. ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10
  5. Starkey-Hear-Clear-Wax-Guards.jpg
  6. ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10
  7. Starkey-Hear-Clear-Wax-Guards.jpg
  8. ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10
  9. ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10
  10. ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10
  11. ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10
  12. ReSound Surefit Power Domes Pack of 10

1-12 of 14

Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories

At Hearing Direct, we supply a selection of Starkey hearing aid accessories to keep your device working at its optimal quality. To maximise the life of your hearing aids we recommend that you regularly check and change the device’s components.

We supply the following accessories for Starkey hearing aids:

At Hearing Direct, we only stock products from trusted brands dedicated to boosting your hearing experiences. 

Compatible Starkey Devices

The Starkey branded accessories are compatible with the Starkey hearing aids collection. It is best to check that the parts you need will function correctly with your make and model – each product outlines which device it is compatible with. The instruments we supply fit the following ranges:

  • Starkey RIC hearing aids such as Starkey Zon, S Series, X Series, Y Series E Series, Wi Series, Ignite and Xino 10
  • Muse, Halo, Halo 2, Z Series, 3 Series and Xino 312 Starkey hearing aids

About Starkey

Founded in 1967 Starkey is renowned as one of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers. Starkey is committed to delivering advanced hearing solutions across the world.

Shop all Starkey products here.

Accessories available at Hearing Direct

Hearing aid accessories are key to maintaining, improving, and repairing your digital device. At Hearing Direct, you will find a vast collection of parts for a variety of branded devices. To help complement your hearing aids, we also provide:

If you have any questions regarding Starkey accessories, get in touch and our expert team will do their best to help you. In the meantime, visit our blog which is home to valuable resources such as product reviews and informative guides.